The Jackson Journal

April 29th 2016

Families Forced To Leave Their Homes

Families in syria are being forced to leave the home due to war and terrorism.

If Families dont leave there home they can be trapped in there city by groups like ISIS or others. Syrians are turning to their goverment but are not getting the help they need forcing them to head to the U.S.A.

Safety Is Key

320000 people killed because of ISIS just in Syria alone. Because Syrians are fleeing their homes Obama is planning to take in 10000 refugees. With this there is the small threat of ISIS sliping through and entering america.

How is ISIS affecting US citizens

With ISIS on the prowl security is being in creased in areas suchas trains and airports in the USA. ISIS has threatned to bomb cities in the US such as New York they're trying to cause the most amount of casualties possible in the US the threat still remains, what will ISIS do next?
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About the author

Jackson Bennett is a 7th grade middle schooler at butler middle school.