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Weekly Bulletin - Week of Nov. 16th

Weekly Principal's Note: Report Cards...Communication!

Good Evening!

I know that last week was a bit of a whirlwind as we ended the first trimester and prepared for report cards. I apologize for not getting them to you sooner. You should all have the templates available to you. You can either fill them out on the computer or by hand, but please make sure they are neat if you do them by hand. Remember, the goal is to give parents specific feedback, so that they are aware of how their children are doing in the different skill areas and where they need to improve. If you have a student with any "ones" on the report card, my expectation is that this is not new information and that the parents have been contacted already. Also, while there may be an occasional category that is not addressed in the first trimester, you should be able to fill out most of the report card. If you have something that is being newly introduced and the student is at a one because it is so new, make sure to put an asterisk by the one to indicate that it is not a lack of progress, it is simply a new concept (or wait to grade it until trimester 2 when you have more assessment data to support your grades).

I want to thank all of you for your commitment to our Communication Plan. I am really enjoying reading about the amazing things you do in your classrooms, and I know the parents enjoy this, as well. Please make sure to continue sending the updates to the parents on Monday or Tuesday (and copy me), so that parents can support you at home throughout the week. Please send the info out to the parents via the Smore mailer or blind copy (BCC) the parents if you are sending it via email. Blind copy means that they can not "reply all" if they have an issue nor can they see one another's email addresses. You can just put me in your "to" line and the parents in the "bcc" line.

One last reminder, please make sure that I can access your lesson plans and that they are identifying the standards for each content area (see information below for more detail). This is an expectation for the remainder of the year. They should be done for the week by no later than Tuesday every week.

As always, if you need anything from me, please let me know. I am here to support you. We really are all in this, me, the kids, and the parents.

Have a wonderful week!


This Week:


  • Finalize Report Cards.

  • Report Cards due to the Office at 8 am!!!!!
  • Teachscape Walk-Through
  • Dempsey out for the afternoon at a Leadership Academy with Dr. Haggarty.


  • Governing Council Meeting at 3 pm. Dempsey not at carpool.


  • Mass at 9 am (Eucharistic Ministers...Kaelyn, Stephanie, Sister Hahn?)
  • Dempsey and Amparo at the Palisades for a meeting all day.


  • Pre-K/K Thanksgiving Feast!!
  • Spirit Gear

Mon, Nov 23/Tuesday, Nov 24:

  • Noon dismissal
  • Lunch provided by parents
  • Conferences begin at 1 pm
  • Book Fair in the afternoon (probably in Kaelyn's room...)

ITBS Results - What do They Mean?

The ITBS results are in. If you haven't had a chance to review your class for this year's data, as well as longitudinal data, please do so. It may be easier to view the scores based on "grade equivalency" than on National Percentile Norm. Since your children took the test in the 2nd month of the school year, to be on average, they would be at the year (grade) and a .2 for the month. For example, a 5th grader would be average if they were at a 5.2. Anything below this means they need more work and anything above this means that they are doing better than average. This is easier data to explain to parents, many times, than the NPR. If you need help deciphering your data, let me know. Once you have reviewed this, you can use the data to inform your planning for the year, as you will be able to see trends for the class as a whole and individual areas on which particular students need to work. From there, you can create strategic plans for each child and you can use a variety of technology sites to provide intervention. I am happy to help with this, as is Amparo. Just let us know what you need. Normally, I would meet to discuss the results, but I am out of the office or in meetings much of this week and you all need the time to work on report cards Monday.


As we prepare for the Christmas season, I would like for you to think about any service projects you would like to do for our community. There are many opportunities to get involved in service/social justice issues. A winter needs drive is always a great idea, especially since the homeless shelter is right down the hill from us. Rick Samyn, the bee guy from St. Leo's, is also a great contact. Please let me know if you are doing anything exciting in this area. Along with this call to service, I have a favor to ask. Many of you know that Holy Family in White Center is part of the Boston College TWIN and a sort of sister school for us, as they are committed to bilingual education in the same way we are. Their school suffered an enormous loss in the past couple of days. Their principal passed away suddenly from a very quick bout with cancer. Here is more information (passed on to us by Boston College's Roche Center) if you would like to make cards:

Dear Friends,

Today, the Roche Center learned of the passing of Michael Bacigalupi, principal of Holy Family Bilingual School in Seattle, WA. Michael was recently diagnosed with advanced cancer. We do not have any details at this time, but will send them once they are known. Holy Family School became a full member of TWIN-CS in the spring of 2015. Michael, his mentor and his faculty team traveled to our recent Summer Academy. We are sure many of you remember Michael's thoughtful and generous manner and his enthusiasm to learn from you during our week together in June.

Because we are a community of Catholic schools, we have asked each school to reach out to Holy Family in a special way: to make multilingual cards to send to the students and faculty at Holy Family School, letting them know we are praying for them. We welcome your participation in this expression of community.

The school address is:
Holy Family Bilingual Catholic School
9615 20th Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98106

Please join us in holding Michael's family and school community in your prayers.

With peace,

The Roche Center Team
Patty, Martin, Cristina, Derek & Kristin

Standards for All Lessons...Due this Week! (Repeat Info)

Beginning with the 2nd Trimester (the week of Nov 16th), I am expecting all lesson plans to be attached to the Common Core/State/Archdiocesan Standards in each subject area. This is very simple when you are using because it has a drop-down menu with most standards (except Religion). If you have not signed up for this yet, please do so. Then, you just share your planbook with me and you no longer have to remember to send it every week. I would like to see the following in your lessons (beginning the week of Nov. 16th):

1) Standards attached to each curriculum block

  • Common Core for ELA, Math
  • Next Generation for Science (FOSS)
  • Archdiocesan Standards for Religion
  • State Standards for Social Studies (EALRs/GLEs)

2) I would also like for the math and ELA lessons to have learning objectives identified, as well. By the end of the year, the objectives should be in all areas, but I want to start getting used to them in just the two areas first.

If you have questions about any of this, please do not hesitate to let me know. Also, Amparo and Bridget want to support you in any way you need. Feel free to contact them about questions on lesson planning, objectives, standards, etc. Bridget can be reached via or 253.241.6186. Utilizing the standards and lesson objectives every day in your lessons will help you to be much more intentional about student learning and allow you to focus on standards-based grading/reporting.


Don't forget to have parents contact Berenice directly to reschedule conferences. She can edit the Google Doc.



Conferences - Noon Dismissal & Book Fair

Monday, Nov. 23rd, 1-5pm

504 South 30th Street

Tacoma, WA

Lunch will be provided to staff. Book Fair is in the afternoon. Extended Care is available.

Conferences - Noon Dismissal & Book Fair

Tuesday, Nov. 24th, 1-5pm

504 South 30th Street

Tacoma, WA

Lunch will be provided to staff. Book Fair is in the afternoon. Extended Care is available.