Safety tips for using the Internet

By: Ashlyn and Erica

Social Networking Facts

  • Social networks are a great way to stay in touch with long distance family and friends, sharing photos, video chatting and much more.
  • Social networks are being used more and more everyday in the classroom, getting more students involved in the activities.
  • News is spread fast through social media, which can be very beneficial by warning people about a various amount of things.
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Tips on how to be safe on social networking sites.

  • Do not give out any of your personal information (location, age, ect.)
  • Do not talk to anyone you do not know
  • Know how easy it is for people to lie to you, they could be pretending to be someone they are not
  • Do not post inappropriate pictures of you or anyone else, there could be serious consequences
  • Think about others before you post something that could embarrass them or yourself
  • Do not be disrespectful to others online
  • Use appropriate language while posting a status and or comments and messages to others
  • Never meet with a person you have met online

Netiquette Rules to be online

  • Do not type in all caps
  • Do not post anything about other people, that you would not post about you
  • Do not cyber bully
  • Do not plagiarize
  • Do not be disrespectful
  • Do not use inappropriate language
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