Looking into China

Eden slimmer, period 5

7 elements of culture

Language: standard Chinese mandarin,yue

Economy: imports: commodities- electrical and other machinery, oil, mineral fuels, nuclear reactor, metal ores, motor vehicles and soy beans

GDP per capita- 9,800

Religion: Buddhism, taoists

Temples as mosques are their places to worship

Customs and traditions: greetings-bow

Keeping a good distance from someone you're talking to is respected

Arts and literature: table tennis, poetry

Government:single party republic ruled by communist party

Social organization: emperors, nobles, farmers, craftspeople, traders, slaves


  1. China is 5,026 kilometers across east Asia
  2. Worlds 4th largest country
  3. Yellow river gets it name from the yellow wind borne clay dust called loess
  4. Himalayas, some of the highest mountains in the world
  5. The yangzi river is the longest river in china and third longest in the world
  6. Great Wall of china 6,000 kilometers
  7. China feeds 25% of the worlds population on approximately 7% of the worlds arable land
  8. Bordered by 14 countries
  9. China is divided into 3 geographic regions
  10. 8 times the size of New York


What was china's population in 1970? By looking at the map do you think China's population will grow or decline?

Similarities and differences between China and the United States


  • Communist party
  • They look at a group rather the individual
  • Respect is important to their culture
  • Patience is also important
  • 1 menu per table when eating out
  • Acceptable to tell someone they've gained weight
  • Growing faster economically
  • Home to more people
  • Population in the billions

  • United States
  • Look at individuality
  • Informal
  • Time is money
  • Prefer to drink cold water
  • Lots of gift giving
  • Many different races of people live here
  • Higher GDP per capita
  • Bigger in area
  • Young country

  • Similarities-
  • Some of the biggest superpowers in the world
  • Very successful countries
  • Popular sports-basketball, soccer
  • Christianity
  • Agricultural products-corn, wheat, cotton, fish
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