Carolina Pearls August Newsletter

Rock The Rest Of Your Summer!

What I learned From Hoopla 2013!

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I have always known we were a fabulous group of women, but I learned at Hoopla we are even more amazing than ever. I was so honored to be with the Pearls (Jennifer Holleran, Heather Stepp, Caroline Manrique( AKA Carolina), Chrissy Colburn, Laura Reynolds, Lauren Whitfield and Bonnie Wallace, (not pictured Kelli Stanley and Rita Straker). We are Moms, Sisters, Wives, married, divorced, our ages range from the 20's to 50's, we are gluten free, love Lilly Pulitzer, like salami, gamble til the wee hours, drink wine, brought friends/family to Hoopla, and Entrepreneurs. Most of all we are FRIENDS.

Mike Lohner said it best "Happiness is a choice" and this was a huge take away for me and so many others at Hoopla. Without happiness your business will not thrive, your career typically mirrors your life. One of my goals for the rest of the year is to be happy about the small things in life and to not worry about the things I cannot control. I wrote down 10 things that make me happy on my flight home from Vegas, one was was watching my team members excel! I am happy for you all and I look forward to the next 6 months and what is in our future. If you did not make Hoopla..... there is always next year!

I am pleased to announce that Laura Reynolds was awarded with the " Heart of Leadership" for the Carolina Pearls
. This is a new award for our team that will be awarded at Hoopla each year. It is awarded to the stylist that leads by example consistently in their personal business and the stylist that is a true leader. Laura truly deserved this distinguished award...congratulations my dear friend.

We also toasted to Bonnie Wallace, she beat her personal best in May! We are so proud of Bonnie! The champagne and laughs were flowing all night.

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The Fabulous "18" for July!

Stylists who earned their 5% Bonus!

****1. Kelli Stanley $3,641 Senior Stylist ****

2. Laura Reynolds $2,484 Star

Stylists who were qualified and earned business supply credits!
3. Lauren Whitfield $1,823
4. Dana Sellers $1,599 Star
5. Mandy Owens $1,223 Lead Stylist
6. Rita Straker $1,082
7. Ginger West $1,070
8. Jillian Holmes $857 Senior Stylist
9. Mary Jane Postiglione $828 Lead Stylist
10. Dusti Semach $761
11. Cindy Epps $727 Lead Stylist
12. Caroline Manrique $715
13. Kim Mosley $690 Lead Stylist
14. Chesa Sorensen $675
15. Kelly Bowers $655
16. Heather Diliberto $622
17. Heather Stepp $540 Senior Stylist
18. Bonnie Wallace $500

Top in Sponsoring

Laura Reynolds 1

Level 1 Earners: Look who will be sporting the Neeya earrings!
Rita Straker
Kelli Stanley
Laura Reynolds
Lauren Whitfield
Dana Sellers

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Our Newest Carolina Pearl!

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Sarah Gaylor (Goldsboro)