Cavett Third Grade Newsletter

December Newsletter

Our big news is that the Chromebooks have arrived! We are starting to use them for assessments and will begin integrating them into our curriculum. A nice thing is that your student has access to a device in the classroom assigned to him/her and we no longer share computer carts.

This will be our only newsletter in December due to Winter Break!

Dates to remember in December:

Dec. 9 - "A Christmas Story" play at Southwest High School

Dec. 15 - PLC - dismissal at 1:33

Dec. 23 - Jan. 4 - Winter Break


We are currently in Unit 3.

Week 3/4, assessment Dec. 4

Essential Question: What do we know about Earth and its neighbors in space?

Genre: Expository text

Comprehension strategy: Summarize

Comprehension skill: Main Idea and Key Details

Vocabulary strategy: Suffixes and root words

Vocabulary: amount, astronomy, globe, solar system, support, surface, temperature, warmth, effective, examples, identical, imitate, material, models, observe, similar

Spelling pattern: r controlled vowels

Week 5, assessment Dec. 11

Essential Question: How is each event in history unique?

Genre: Expository text

Comprehension strategy: Summarize

Comprehension skill: Sequence

Vocabulary strategy: Suffixes

Vocabulary: agreeable, appreciate, boomed, descendants, emigration, pioneers, transportation, vehicles

Spelling pattern: diphthongs

Unit 3 assessment the week of December 14 - 18


In writing we are continuing to research countries. Ask your child what country they are researching and what they've learned. Students are really excited about what they are finding out about our neighbors around the world!


In math we are in the middle of Chapter 10 exploring division concepts. Next we'll learn more multiplication facts and patterns in Chapter 9. We encourage your child to teach you some of the strategies they are learning that may be different from how you learned!

Social Studies

We are continuing our study of how Lincoln became the capital of Nebraska and some of the changes that have occurred over time. Students examined documents from 1867 that were published in various newspapers to consider the choice of a location for the new capital city.

Happy Holidays!!

We hope you have a warm and safe holiday filled with fun, relaxation, family, and friends!