Room 216 News

January 2016

Happy New Year!

While the change of the calendar doesn't significantly change our school routine, it does give each of us a reason to pause and reflect on our successes (and struggles). Along with the reflection we each have an opportunity to plan and hope for new accomplishments to come.

During our first week back the students will be asked to think a lot about what they have learned so far in fifth grade. They will revisit their Hopes & Dreams they wrote in August and make plans to further accomplish that which may not have been realized to date or that which they think they need to in the coming months.

Each student in Room 216 has much to be proud of--I have seen each one of them do amazing things and grow academically and socially. Please let them know how proud you are of them. A positive attitude towards learning goes a long way.

Thank You!

I want to thank each family for the thoughtful gifts you bestowed upon me last month. I have tried to write personal notes to each child that handed me a gift. (These will be given out tomorrow.) Modeling thankfulness is one way to help our children grow in gratitude. Unfortunately three gifts (two certificates and one physical gift) arrived without a name or indication of whom they were from. If you sent something and your child doesn't bring home a personal thank you, please let me know by email so that I can get a thank you to your child. I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity.

I also want to thank the parents who made the Winter celebration such a big hit with the kiddos. Sugar cookies, frosting, toppings, and milk were enjoyed by all! Your contributions and time made the last day special. We even got a little dancing in before the students were swept off to art and PE.

Winter Recess

While the weather doesn't appear all that "wintry," please remember to send your student to school with appropriate clothing for recess. Remember our recess is early in the morning before we reach the high temperature for the day!

Students who participate in outdoor recess must wear clothing that is appropriate for the weather conditions.

  • When it is between 40-50 degrees, students must have long sleeves and long pants on.
  • When it is 40 or colder; a coat must be worn outside.
  • When it is below 32 degrees, students will be given the option to stay inside.

Mid Year Assessments

We will be giving our mid-year assessment for reading on Friday, January 8th. The math mid year assessment will be given onTuesday, January 12th. These assessments are for instructional purposes only and will provide data on students’ strengths and challenges as I plan instruction in the new year. These assessments will not reflect on students’ quarterly or year end grades. The reading assessment is given by the county and covers all 5th grade material. The math mid year is created by all 5th grade BES teachers and will only cover topics that have been taught. Students will be told how they’ve done on these assessments in order to facilitate goal setting as we approach the third quarter. If I have any concerns about student progress, I will be the first to contact you. Your child's math teacher may do likewise should there be concerns. Please let us know if you have questions or concerns.

Upcoming Henley Visits

It seems impossible that the schools are already planning for next year, but the calendar says otherwise. Please note that these informational meetings are just the first step to determine your child's learning adventure should they be progressing to Henley. Plan to attend and ask questions. Later on in the year, recommendations will be made and explained.

  • Henley Administration and Guidance Counselors will be visiting BES on the night of Wednesday, January 13th. More information/time will be coming home on this event.

  • Henley Administration and the 6th grade Guidance Counselor will be coming to visit students on Thursday, January 14th at 9:30am. This will be an information session followed by a brief question and answer session.

Spelling Bee

The BES Spelling Bee will be held on January 22nd. I will be giving a written spelling assessment this week to determine who will have the opportunity to represent our class.

Language Arts

We will begin our persuasive writing unit this week. It is important that students learn to plan, prepare, and defend their opinions and arguments. We all know they can be very persuasive in conversation. We will be transferring these skills into written form during the entire month.

Our word study routine for Room 216 will have a New Year's update. Look for the new menu of choices. There is a 100 point per week goal. The students will have a color-coded, step by step document to keep them on track. Mrs. Dettmann's Root Word Study routine will remain the same.

In reading we will all be working on reading strategies with short passages. Those students currently attending Mrs. Dettmann's enrichment lessons will be given appropriate mini-lessons to ensure all content is mastered. Mrs. Dettmann will continue to meet with the children she was meeting with before break. However, when this novel is finished, there will be some student movement based on academic needs and progress. We will be moving some students around in order to give other students the opportunity to work with Mrs. Dettmann. If your child is in her reading group and you have questions, please contact her at

GLOW--Greek/Latin Origin Words

You've probably heard from your student about GLOW word parts. We will be entering week 6 when the students return. All students participate in this learning opportunity during the coming months. This is a daily routine that enhances our vocabulary. We have finished our extensive study of prefixes and suffixes specifically, although there are many of these affixes within the the GLOW routine. We will probably not finish the entire GLOW by the end of the year, but it will be a regular part of our learning week throughout the rest of the year.

Here is some information on GLOW:

GLOW incorporates images and provides opportunities for students to learn both socially and recursively. We paired roots and affixes with images because humans are able to recall images, even images we've seen just once, with great reliability, even after long periods of time. GLOW is comprised of thirty weekly units, with each unit containing a variety of activities. The activities can be used as stations or as whole-class activities. The activities can be completed during a single language arts block or over the course of many days. Students learn six new word parts with each unit. With six review weeks built in, there are 144 total word parts. We chose the parts for each week based primarily on their compatibility.


Science Rotation Number 4 starts tomorrow. The students will be with Mr. Humphrey between 12:00 - 1:00 studying the biology portions of Fifth Grade Science. They will have fun investigating cells as well as the plant and animal kingdoms. This unit ends on 22 January.

Dates to Remember or at least put on the calendar

4 January - School Resumes, Fire Drill @ 10:00 am

4 January - Science Rotation with Mr. Humphrey

8 January - Reading Mid Year Assessment

11 January - BEE Winter classes begin

12 January - Math Mid Year Assessment

12 January - PTO Meeting @ 7pm

13 January - Henley Hi-Tops performance at Henley Middle @ 9:45am

13 January - Henley Parent Night at BES

14 January - Henley Student Session at BES @ 9:30am

15 January - Lock Down Drill @ 9:15am

15 January - End of 2nd 9 Weeks--Parent Portal closes

18 January - Holiday - No Students

19 January - Professional Development for teachers - No Students

22 January - BES Spelling BEE

3 February - Parent Portal reopens