study guide

The Syllabus:

-the application of linear motion, velocity, speed, acceleration, momentum, in movement and performance contexts

You will learn to:
-apply principles of motion to enhance performance through participation in practical workshops

  • explains how body systems influence the way the body moves
  • describes the components of physical fitness and explains how they are monitored
  • describes bio mechanical factors that influence the efficiency of the body in motion
  • plans for participation in physical activity to satisfy a range of individual needs
  • assesses and monitors physical fitness levels and physical activity patterns
  • uses a range of sources to draw conclusions about health and physical activity concept
  • analyses factors influencing movement and patterns of participation.
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  1. Outline how Newton's third law is used to increase an athletes jumping height in high jump- 3 marks
  2. What is the relationship between physical fitness, training and movement efficiency?- 6 marks
  3. Describe how bio mechanical principles influence movement- 8 marks
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