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Aurora and Ella


The native Americans were the first farmers in Texas. They grew corn,beans, and squash. The men hunted and the women collected nuts and berries. They lived in cone shaped grass huts.

Mexico belonged to Spain but, Mexico wanted freedom from Spain. Texas wanted freedom from Mexico and that is how the battle of the Alamo started. All the defenders were killed and the Texans were victorious.

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One of the things People do for fun is go to the state fair. What you can do at the fair is go on rides and play fun games. Some other things you can do are go to the science place, the space center and have parties with piƱatas.These are some fun things to do in Texas.


Texas is on the border of the Rio Grande River. Texas has lots of prairies , forests , and plains. The Great Plains cover north and central Texas. Western Texas was once an ancient sea!
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Fun fact

Here are some fun facts about Texas. Did you know that Texas is the 28th state? The blue bonnet is the state flower and the state grid is the moking brid and the pecan tree is the state tree. Did you know that there is a pine tree that is 1500 years old ? Did you know that teja means friends in condo language and any state smaller than Ohio can fit inside!