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Costa Brava House: Rental Tips for First-time Tenants

The “Wild Coast” or Costa Brava is one of the most scenic, dramatic and beautiful coastlines in the world and since the 1950s it has been developed as a tourist hub for visitors from all over the globe. This stretch has the largest number of Blue Flag beaches, with the highest standards in hygiene, features, water and sand quality and facilities for tourists. The spectacular scenery, dominated by the wild Spanish Pyrenees sweeping down to the gorgeous turquoise Mediterranean Sea, this coastline is indeed an unforgettable experience.

With such a huge influx of tourists all the year round, Costa Brava has stepped up to the challenge of accommodation with a wide range of housing options. Current trends are more towards house rental rather than the conventional hotel or resort. This option gives much more flexibility and since costs and chores can be shared, many tourists prefer this. The houses in Cosa Brava include villas, apartments, condos, country farm-houses, estates, paradores, youth hostels, mountain-shelters and castles, monasteries and convents, town-houses and aristocratic mansions, beach-front cottages, fishermen's shacks and row houses abound all along this coastline. Up in the mountains, you get typical montane type architecture, where the traditional way of life still survives and many of these dwellings are centered round winter-sports and activities.

However, if you're a first-time renter, it's good to keep some tips in mind.

Choices: Shortlist a good number of likely properties and then eliminate them one by one based on your needs and preferences. Once you've finalized, you can start communicating with the owner and get a firm idea of what it really looks like. Ask for recent photos and testimonials.

Trustworthy: If you've located your Costa Brava house over the Internet or via a brochure, it's good to confirm that this is indeed a reliable source of information. It's essential to go through a trustworthy organization that has affiliations with travel and tourism associations. Word of mouth is another great source. Sometimes, these ads could be fake, or have been hacked by identity thieves or phishing crooks. Never send any money till you are convinced that this is a genuine outfit.

Payments: Never pay cash or make money transfers to addresses provided by the home-owner. Paying by credit-cards is preferable if the portal is a safe one. This also ensures that you get redress if there are any issues with the property later.

Add-ons: Rentals may also come as package deals with flights, airport transfers, car rentals etc. You can opt for self-catering or request for staff. This could be either the entire complement, including butler, chef, chauffeur, maids, cleaning-staff, ground-staff etc. or it could be one or more of them. In either case, remember to budget for tipping at the end of your stay.

Based on these guidelines, you can pick the most appropriate house in Costa Brava and enjoy the perfect holiday.

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Holiday villas Spain: For a “Specteencular” Holday!

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If your teenagers are old enough and responsible/mature enough to travel on their own, Spain is a wonderful option. With a wonderful mix of adventure, cultural events, festivals, sight-seeing, sports, volunteering, special events like saffron harvesting or cheese/wine making holidays, art and literature, music festivals and rock concerts, beaches and great cuisine, there are plenty of options available here.

Before you plan the trip, keep some guidelines in mind: If your teens are traveling in a group, ensure that all of them and their parents are well-known. If you have doubts about any member, avoid including them rather than be sorry later. Issues of drinking, drugs or causing disturbance and other disruptive activities may cause problems during the holiday in a foreign country.

Consult a travel agent or expert for the legal requirements. Some countries may have laws against people below 18 traveling alone. Spain considers them as minors and does not favor unaccompanied minors traveling alone unless at least one adult is with them. If there are any problems or issues, unaccompanied minors may be subject to Spanish laws and taken to a correction center for holding till the issue is resolved with the intervention of parents/guardians.

Insurance policies may also differ – teens may be covered only in their parents' policies or they may have separate ones but this may require certain conditions to be fulfilled. Check these before you plan your trip. Airlines may also have their own policies about unaccompanied minor travel. Finances should be kept well in control and this is one way of teaching your kids to be responsible and mature.

Accommodation can be according to age-group. A large common house, villa, youth-hostel or home-stay would be ideal and the entire group should stay together. Teens may have different interests and these should be considered when planning the itinerary. A responsible member of the group can be put in charge of organizing these activities, with safety and security being top-priority. If you have a friend or relative living in the country, provide their contact details in case of an emergency. Otherwise your travel agent should designate a local colleague.

Spain has some great youth-exchange programs like volunteering: language-teaching in Pueblo Ingles programs, Greenheart Ibiza's environmental-programs, Rotary Youth exchange-programs, health/safety volunteering, art/historical monument conservation, castle/monastery/convent/fortress restoration, tourism/travel guide courses, family-abroad programs where you teach the family English in return for boarding/lodging etc.

Additionally, cities like Barcelona offer endless joy and delight for teens. The FC Museum, the wonderful monuments, shopping at the Las Ramblas, theme parks, amusement and leisure centers, open air music concerts, great Catalan cuisine, beaches, water and land sports, cruises, moto-cross, biking, hiking, trekking, racing, horse-riding and boat-trips to near-by islands are some of the great holiday options for teens.

So if you have a lively set of teens on hand, with vacations coming up, plan an unforgettable Spanish holiday for them!

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Holiday Villas Spain: Planning a Purchase?

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With property values becoming extremely affordable throughout Spain, many vacationers who have traveled often to Spain and love the place are considering moving permanently here. Spain is also a popular retirement destination. The warm year-round sunny weather, fantastic beaches, hospitable and friendly people, rich local traditions and customs, glorious landscapes, delectable cuisine and wines and the atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility in the smaller cities and towns are the main attractions.

If you're planning to purchase a villa in Spain, keep these tips in mind:

Rent before you buy: Think before you ink is the best policy. Consider different locations, price ranges, conveniences and facilities of the property etc before you commit. It's a great idea to rent a place for a reasonably long period while scouting in the neighborhood for likely properties. This way you get a feel of the neighborhood, the access to shopping, medical facilities and transportation, access to entertainment and leisure activities etc and you can decide whether this is the right location for you.

Legal aspects: Remember that Spanish laws are very different from the laws in your own country. The classification of properties under urban, semi-urban, rural, commercial and residential needs to be fully understood. Take the advice of a reliable local lawyer who speaks your language and can be trusted to represent your interests only. There are plenty of illegal properties in Spain with huge liabilities on them. The presence or potential presence of any infrastructure projects nearby can cause considerable difference to value, ambiance and you could even lose a portion of your land if it's acquired by the government.

Get a Professional: A reliable estate agent who speaks your language, is experienced and familiar with local bye-laws and conditions should be entrusted with finding you a suitable property, but always remember that their own self-interest comes first.

Survey: Get an experienced and trustworthy surveyor to assess and evaluate the land. This person should speak your language and have all the necessary credentials and insurances to conduct work. Get a written report about the property and whether it fulfills all planning control regulations and licenses. Check the availability of water, power, broadband and other utilities. If you're purchasing an old house, ensure that the title deeds are in order and that the property comes under the legal requirements. Electricals and wiring must be assessed for efficiency and safety.

Resale Value: Whenever you buy, keep in mind that you may have to resell at some later date. If the house you're thinking of purchasing needs extensive work done on it, can you recover these costs when you resell? Plan for the future – if you're going to spend your retirement years here, ensure that there are enough comforts and conveniences for you in old age. Also check the availability of parking, road access, access to local transportation and markets.

So go ahead and become a Spanish-property owner!

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Best Villa Prices In Spain

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If you are to pay money for any villa on a rental basis, then you should really be able to enjoy your time in the villa in question. There is indeed a lot to look forward to if you settle for a holiday in Spain and if you do get to spend the holiday in a villa, then you will actually be able to have a very great experience.

Before you settle for any kind of villa accommodation that is set before you, it is very important that you confirm that the villa actually exists. Take a thorough scope of the entire villa option before you pay any money on the facility. Sometimes talking directly to the real owners of the villa really helps and you may actually have to pay less than the quoted price.

The greatest advantage associated with rentals is the fact that costs are shared among a group of people especially if you are travelling with family or friends. The cost of the villa never alters whether you spend time alone or with company, so why not utilize the extra space by sharing it with other people. When the off season sets in, the prices of villa rentals go even lower. There are some villa options that are actually large enough to accommodate over twenty people.

Choosing the type of holiday you really want is also as important. If you are in a group, you need different approaches as per the requirements. You should actually make sure that the interests of all members in the group are met completely so as to ensure that everyone in your group has something that will really interest them.

Where villa accommodation is concerned, the location is mainly aimed at areas away from the cities and the major towns. This means that one can actually enjoy some peace and quiet for the duration of the holiday. In such a case if you need to reach the town areas, you may have to arrange and prepare for the extra costs of transportation. You can then arrange to have the very kind of holiday that you may have always desired. Since most villas have kitchens, you can opt to make your own meals and also do your laundry. As an option, you can have someone come in and do all that for you at a fee.

To be on the safe side, it is good that you pick a few of the villas that you find favorable, then break down the list before settling for one. In this way you will make the best choice ever.

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Enjoying Holidays In Luxury Villas Ibiza

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For many, Ibiza is a destination of great wonders. It is so popular in all the regions of the world due to the amazing nightlife that it has to offer especially to the people who are young in mind and heart. It is a place where you just let yourself go and go with the flow and get to enjoy life generally. The best thing to do when going on holiday in Ibiza is to actually make sure that you travel with a few friends. This will make the party mood even better and also you may be able to share costs. The company will be very good for you while in Ibiza.

It is necessary to plan ahead when you are heading out to Ibiza. Make sure that you have all that you require for the holiday. Even though the weather is great at all times, sometimes rain may fall unexpectedly so do carry extra clothing for this kind of thing. It is also good to consider the kind of holiday you want especially when it comes to the accommodation. You can settle for a luxury villa which will be indeed like doing yourself a great favor.

There are a lot of advantages that are associated with the luxury villas. One of the things they have in common is the price which is quite high. This is worthwhile as you will discover as the holiday progresses and you will find out that the luxury villa accommodation was actually a great idea. The first thing you do is find out about the luxury villas that are located on Ibiza Island. You should list these down and when this is done, you will be able to reduce the list as you go on. In the end you will have fewer options to choose from and from here you can select the very best.

The luxury villas come with huge swimming pools as well as Jacuzzis for your indulgence. Sometimes the villa in question may even have its own private beach area which will mean more privacy for the party spending the holiday in such a place.

To enjoy the holiday more, you may have a professional cook to make your meals and even a butler. Regular housekeeping can also be organized, thus the property will always be in good condition.

In the various rooms within the luxury villas, you will discover that every room has its own set of facilities as well as all other things that may be required to make the holiday successful. A holiday in such a place will be highly appreciated.

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Enjoying Villas Accommodation In Cambrils

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Cambrils is one of the most sought out destinations in Spain. It has many attractions as well as activities to engage in. While in this region, you will be able to appreciate history and nature to a great extent. The town is in the region in Spain called Catalonia. It lies in the coastal area to the south. It is therefore a great place to indulge in water related activities such as skydiving, snorkeling, sailing, water skiing, diving among many others. This is a great destination for the whole family regardless of the various ages of the members.

Taking the choice to go on holiday to Cambrils will give you the opportunity to actually relax while at the same time you will be able to engage in different activities and also explore areas of interest. The best accommodation facility that will actually give you the freedom to do all this and more is villas. Villas in Cambrils are readily available especially in the recent past when the demand for villa accommodation went up.

This means that there are various villas that you can settle for. If you can, you should opt to deal with the villa owners directly so as to be able to get fair prices for the same. Take great precautions when you are trying to find the authenticity of the villa that has interested you. Remember, you can make recommendations of the exact villa that you want for your own specific villa activities.

If you want to travel with a family that includes a baby, you can ask for babysitter services to be provided for the duration of your stay. Of course this will come at an extra cost. Also, you may ask for a baby cot to be availed for the duration of your stay in the villa. Most service providers will be able to meet all recommendations gladly so do not be afraid to ask.

For greater comfort and to create more time for explorations and relaxing, you may hire a chef to take care of your personal meals during your stay in the villa. This will be quite easy since the villas have facilitated kitchens that make it very easy for a person to have meals within the comfort of the villa. This means that you can eat when you feel like it and not within set times as is the case with most hotel facilities.

When you have taken care of all the details regarding the villa, you are in a great position to enjoy the holiday in Cambrils at ease.

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Holidays In Lloret

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Lloret is one of the most amazing resort cities in the Costa Brava area of Spain. It lies in Barcelona’s northeast. The majority of people found in Lloret are young people as they are fascinated with the incredible nightlife. The beach areas are also a great attraction for the young people who visit Lloret. Getting to Lloret is not hard as the transport system is well developed. There are several airports in the surrounding areas. One is in Barcelona while Girona also has another one. The road and train network is also well developed.

One can easily take a bus from the airport to Lloret or settle for cabs, shuttle services or even car rentals. It is not a very hard place to navigate to but if in need, you can get a map for assistance. All these methods are quite convenient when you are trying to get to Lloret.

When you get to Lloret de mar, you will need to get around to be able to see the surroundings and appreciate the several things that the town has to offer. You may opt to take walks at the shopping areas or the precinct. There are interesting streets that will be quite noticeable as you walk around although most are one way. They can be quite risky especially with the traffic speeding about. It is important that you take the necessary precautions when crossing at such areas. There are restaurants, bars as well as taxis.

You also have the option to get around in Lloret by car. You have the option to rent or take a cab. If you are not too familiar with the streets, it may be a little hard to get around in this way. There are a lot of rules for parking and you may need to know the rules before you can safely drive and park within the town without getting into trouble. As an alternative, you can take the bus or any other public means that is available in Lloret.

There are many beach areas in Lloret that will give you the chance to actually sunbathe and engage in water sports as well as other activities that are popular here. There are also games such as volleyball at the beach area that you can totally get involved in. To reach the beach areas, you may need to travel by car as that is the only way they can be accessed. Lloret de mar is a great place to go on holiday and just have a great time.

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Holidays Made In Spain

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There is nothing as fascinating as taking a break from our normal routines and actually engaging in activities that are totally different from what we are accustomed to. There is a lot to look forward to when one is going on holiday and you will have an even greater time if you get to spend the holiday in question at a place or destination which is unique and where there are many activities to engage in during such a holiday.

One of the most popular destinations in the world is the beautiful country of Spain. Spain has a lot to offer to the different people who visit the region and it will indeed be a great honor if you get to spend a memorable time in the vicinity of this great nation.

There is a lot of diversity in Spain and you will be able to see this when you tour the country.

There are a lot of holiday types that you can choose from when you are in Spain. It will depend on your own specifications as well as the things that you consider to be fun while in Spain. The first kind of holiday that most people find appealing is the holiday at the beach, island and coastal areas. Such holidays are fun filled and totally enjoyable.

If you want to get to experience the most authentic feelings while on a holiday in Spain, you should highly consider visiting rural Spain. Rural Spain gives you the ability to see Spain in a whole new light. You can just take a holiday in the countryside and have a quiet time exploring and observing the people’s way of life. Rural Spain is one of the most scenic areas in the whole of Spain and you can be sure to get the most authentic holiday in the history of holidays.

You may also opt to spend your holiday in the urban areas so as to get to sample the various lifestyles that the urban people are able to display. Staying at the urban centers will expose you to more opportunities as well as various facilities that are not available at the rural set ups. You can engage in the nightlife or even go shopping at the various places within the cities.

If you are an art lover, you can actually visit historical areas where you can appreciate past artworks and designs. The numerous museums in Spain are also a great place to start if you are looking for an authentic experience. You can see the cathedrals as well as other historical sites as you travel through Spain.

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Attractions of Spain Holiday Home Rentals

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The affordable locations en Espagne have made the country a popular inexpensive holiday destination in Europe. Offering a variety of holiday options, the Spanish holiday resorts are the perfect places for escaping the monotony of modern living.

There is something for everyone in Spain. It is a popular destination for family vacations and romantic holidays. With attractive Espagne locations, you can enjoy an extended vacation in the fascinating country.

Attractions of Spain Holiday

The abundant sunshine, pleasant Mediterranean weather and the foamy waves breaking onto the clean sandy beaches attract holidaymakers from across Europe to the fascinating seaside resorts for a charming summer vacation.

Spain is one of the most mountainous regions of Europe. Covered with verdant Mediterranean forests and dotted with orchards and vineyards, the towns and villages nestled in the mountains are the ideal destinations for experiencing the rustic charm of Spain.

World Heritage Sites are scattered across the country. The gorgeous palaces, castles, cathedrals and monuments reflect the architectural brilliance of the Spanish architects. Spain also boasts of its entertainment circuit popularized by flamenco music and dance.

Spaniards love good life. Fiestas and festivals are hosted in the cities, towns and villages of Spain almost throughout the year. Spain is also a great place for avant-garde shopping and sampling exclusive Mediterranean cuisine.

With so much to do and see in Spain, you will be tempted to revisit the country.

Attractions of Locations Espagne

The holiday areas of Spain offer a variety of holiday homes. Apart from hotels, self-catering holiday accommodations are rented by a large number of tourists. For a low cost vacation in one of the cities of Spain, a holiday apartment is the ideal lodging for budget travelers. Located close to the popular tourist centers, a variety of holiday apartments, from cheap studio apartments to spacious luxurious penthouses, can serve as your holiday home in Spain.

The villas, located in the towns and villages, are luxurious retreats for a blissful vacation. Featuring a wide range of facilities, including private swimming pool, impeccably furnished rooms, air-conditioning and heating facilities, fully equipped kitchen, garden, barbecue and parking area, holiday villas offer the comforts of luxury vacation.

Villa rentals are suitable for all budgets. Villas without pools or with shared swimming pool are suitable for low cost vacations. The rentals of villas with pools are quite reasonable. It is advisable to visit a villa rental website to locate an appropriate holiday villa in your holiday destination in Spain.

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Luxurious Vacation in Luxury Holiday Homes in Costa Brava Spain

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Offering a wide range luxe vakantiehuizen in Spanje Costa Brava, the holiday towns on the wild coast of Spain are the perfect destinations for luxurious beach holidays. With pleasant climate paired with idyllic beaches, Costa Brava is the perfect place for indulging in the pleasures of a luxurious vacation.

No matter what type of holiday you are planning, the holiday areas of Costa Brava will meet your requirements easily. The seaside resorts dotting the coastline of the northeastern Spanish province of Girona are home to lovely flue flag beaches. Crowded with sunburned tourists during the summer months, the coastal towns of Costa Brava are replete with leisure facilities.

Nestled in scenic areas overlooking the sea, the stylish holiday villas are the perfect luxe vakantiehuizen in Spanje Costa Brava. Equipped with an array of luxurious facilities, the upscale villas are best suited for self-catering vacations.

Types of Luxury Holiday Homes in Costa Brava

Variety of luxury holiday homes of different sizes is available in Costa Brava. For a pleasurable holiday with family and friends, consider renting a lavish villa with several bedrooms. Luxurious holiday apartments and penthouses located in the holiday resorts of Costa Brava draw affluent tourists who want to spend their holiday in Costa Brava their way. A chic cottage near the sea is the perfect accommodation for a romantic vacation. The plush holiday homes in Costa Brava boast of private pools. Some of them offer infinity swimming pools with heating facility. Upscale furnishing, Jacuzzi, expensive toiletries and landscaped garden are other key features of the lavish villas of Spain. Occupying a large plot of land, the luxurious villas of Costa Brava are the popular holiday retreats of the rich and famous from around the world.

Luxury Holiday Home Rentals in Costa Brava

The average rent of lavish holiday villas in the popular seaside resorts of Costa Brava is around 1000-euros per week. To enjoy the highest level of comfort and opulence, weekly villa rental could reach more than 3000-euros. However, luxury holidays in Costa Brava could be made affordable for different budgets by booking a villa through a villa rental website. Attractive discounts are offered when accommodation in a luxurious holiday home is booked in advance. If you are ready to sacrifice the summertime attractions of the seaside resorts for the sake of a low cost luxurious vacation, consider visiting Costa Brava during the low tourist season during winter.

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