Vikings Around The World


Where did the vikings come from?

They were all from Scandinavia but the Vikings lands were different. Also, they came from Sweden, Denmark, and Norway.

How The Vikings lived

They picked wild fruits and hunted wild animals and fish. The Vikings ate two times a day, once in the morning and night. Viking houses had one long room with a fire in the middle.

Why Did The Viking Come To America

Vikings first moved into England, Scotland, Ireland and France as raiders. The Vikings used their ships to take trade goods along the rivers that ran into Russia. The Vikings sailed the rivers to North America.

Why did the Viking age end?

The Viking age came to an end about 900 years ago. As the Vikings died they were really brave. Vikings believed that death sailed to a new life after you DIE. The Vikings were really strong but some people were stronger so they beat the Vikings and they died.


They went in small groups or in big big parties to take treasure, food, and animals. Vikings tried to accept many of their traditions, but they had to change what they had to change. They farmed and hunted to suit the new land. Vikings brought their way to life to new lands.

Viking Traders

Vikings used their ships to trade goods along the rivers that ran into Russia. In Greenland and Iceland wood was scarce. They took wax, honey, slaves and furs to trade for luxuries such as jewelry, wine, silk, and spices.
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