got heart ?

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got to this link to find statistics of kids who have disablitiies

every school should have this

Special education or special needs education is the education for students with different learning disablities, this way they can be addressed in a way that the students' individual differences and needs.

wouldn't you?

wouldn't you want to be cared for and get the education you needed if you need more help then others?


Disabled Children | Mainstreaming Education
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Every children, teen, adualt should have the right to the education they need to fit their ablitiy.

Approximately five million students with disabilities received special education. However presently 47 percent of students who have disabilities spend 80 percent or more of their day in general education classroom settings.

Support Them

Disabled students transition to life after high school with

People/ aduts like theses boys need the supoort and the courage from people and need to get the help they need so they can keeping going in life and live the most normal life that they possibly can.