Edward Braddock

By: Breanna

General Braddock's Mission

He had to lead British and Colonial troops in an attack against Fort Duquesne.

Edward Braddock's Big Head

He was a stubborn man who had little experience at fighting in the forests of North America. He bragged that he would sweep the French from the Ohio Valley.

Ignoring the Scouts

His men moved slowly through the forests. Indian scouts warned Braddock that he was headed for trouble but he ignored them.

His Failure

As they neared Fort Dusquesne, the French and their Indian allies launched a surprise attack. Sharpshooters hid in the forest and picked off British soldiers. Their bright red uniforms made easy targets. Braddock had five horses shot out from under him before he fell; fatally wounded. Almost half of the British were killed or wounded. Washington too was nearly killed.