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March 10, 2017

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Academic Team

Scottsburg High School has experienced an incredible run lately in academic competitions. The new season kicked off last night as the academic teams traveled to Corydon and placed second out of 18 teams overall.

Fine Arts fielded two teams and won second and third place out of 18 teams. The Science and Math teams both won third place out of 18. This is a strong start for our teams against some of the top schools in our area.

SHS has won five straight Academic State Championships and hopes to send multiple teams to state again this year.

Our next competition is Monday, March 13th at New Albany.

Prom Tickets Go on Sale March 13th

Prom is May 6, 2017 at The Grand in New Albany. Prom will be from 8:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.
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Help SCSD2 Guidance

HELP SCSD2 COUNSELORS! The SCSD2 counseling staff would greatly appreciate your help with a brief 3-5 minute survey. The results from this survey are completely anonymous and will help the counseling department apply for a Lilly Foundation grant to improve counseling services for our students. Please complete the survey by March 21.

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A Family Affair

On February 11th Joy Crawford signed her letter to play with the Marian Knights Band beginning in the fall.

Earlier this school year, Joy went to see her sister (Jonie Crawford, class of 2016) perform at Marian University. While she was there, the Marian University band talked to her about attending Marian and joining the band. After that conversation, she decided to apply to Marian University. This decision would be an opportunity for Joy and her sister to perform together again.

Band director, Brent Hornaday asked Joy to come up and play with the band at a home football game, and she loved it! She was accepted into Marian and shortly after went through an interview process for a scholarship from 21st Century Scholars at Marian University.

Joy learned that she was awarded not only a scholarship that would cover full tuition, but also that she had received a band scholarship that would cover her housing expenses. Joy is looking forward to once again playing in the band with her sister.

Ag Day Breakfast This Saturday

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National Waffle Day

Why would students in Spanish 4 create and celebrate a Somewhat-National Waffle Day? Because they missed National Pancake Day, of course. Actually, there is a little more to the story…

The tradition began last year with Señora Coverdale’s seniors.

“I just want to celebrate my students in their final semester of Spanish and show appreciation for the four years they have committed to the program,” said Coverdale. “Some students take the mandatory three years for an honors diploma and decide not to continue. That’s fine and completely understandable. It’s also completely reasonable that Spanish 4 does not always fit into an extremely hectic senior schedule. But those who successfully complete eight semesters of Spanish deserve recognition. And that is why we made an unofficial-official holiday.”

This year’s celebration is bigger and better. Some of the students helped to decorate the room, create a menu, and design uniforms, thus the mustaches.

“Every year, we’re going to get a little better at what we do and every year, we are going to have kids leaving the program with a greater degree of Spanish skills,” explained Coverdale.

However, it’s not just fun and food in room 130. There are standards to address and objectives to attain. The overall expectation is simple: students are to stay in the target language at all times. If they don’t speak in Spanish, they don’t get a waffle.

Students performed as both a server and customer while at Café Buen Provecho (which means “Enjoy your meal).” Upon entering the room, each customer received a “wallet” of play money along with a menu. The server explained the food and drink options and the customers ordered, just as they would in a restaurant. (As a salute to our math department, the servers had to add up the bill and the customers had to calculate a tip for the server and to pay - all in Spanish. Math and Spanish skills - who would have thought?) After the first round of customers enjoyed their meal, there was a role reversal so that the everyone had a chance to serve and to be served.

The overall goal of the final semester of Spanish is to transition from grammar to conversation and immersion. “The students have already done most of the hard work of learning verbs and vocab and now it is time to enjoy and demonstrate the skills they have gained,” Coverdale sai
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