Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms

Things to consider....

There are many different types of physical traits when it comes to we as humans.Some us have black hair,some blonde and some brown.This is in place because of minute variations in our DNA.These minute variations are called Single Nuecleotide Polymorphism. They are used to help determine variants.However we can see with out looking at the SNPs we have to determine hair type and etc, so the process of finding out our SNPs is almost unnecessary. It is somewhat useful when determining if you are related to someone and or how closely you are related to some one by the numbers of SNPs you have similar to the person. I consider this process the "long way" and would not suggest it to be used for criminals,it would cause a lot of time and would be expensive.I do think that this process would be very useful when trying to figure out what hereditary diseases and illnesses may be in your bloodline.

The video below is there to display how exactly SNP works.

Let's dicuss?

VNTR is used for fingerprinting and tracing prints to crimes ,and or family situations.I would recommend this rather than SNP because SNPs are not as direct and rare as fingerprints are.No fingerprint is the same therefore it there were to be a print left on a object it would be easier to trace than a colored piece of hair.