Dan Howell

By Isa Woodard

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Dan Howell selfie with Pharrell Williams 2014

The Life of Dan Howell

I run as fast as I can, the wind smacking against my face. I try to catch my breath but it is too hard. It feels like all of the air has been sucked out of my lungs. I crash to the ground with a loud “BANG” and then I try to stand up. I know he is getting closer because can see him running towards me. I try to scream but nothing comes out, and now he is standing right over me. I gasp as I see his fist coming towards my face. Everything goes black.


Early Life

Daniel James Howell was born on June 11, 1991. He was born in Southwest England in Berkshire. Dan’s mom is a graduate in philosophy and his dad was a DJ and a special effects supervisor. Sometimes his dad snuck him into movie sets and he got to meet celebrities. When Dan was just a tot he never stopped smiling and he was always cheerful. Most of this was probably because he always watched Winnie The Pooh.

When Dan was a young child, he started to act in plays. His first role was as Santa. In addition, he started to go to musical theatre every Sunday. Around this age Dan’s mom had another baby named Adrian. He was born in 1997.

Even though Dan did smile all the time as a toddler, once he got to secondary school he got some bullies. At this age he was really trying to figure himself out. He didn’t know what he wanted his personality to be, at one age he wanted to be emo/gothic. So you can probably tell, Dan had an interesting early life.

The Odd Things That Daniel Howell Enjoyed Doing

Dan went to University and studied law because he thought it made him seem more intelligent. He really hated going to Uni so he dropped out to pursue his dream as being a YouTuber. So he obviously had to get a job so he worked in retail chains Focus DIY and Asda. He got fired from both of those things by being the failure he is.

In Dan’s free time he watches American Horror Story (even though he is deathly afraid of supernatural things) Buffy the Vampire Slayer and so many other shows. He also likes to be on the internet (duh), cooking Delia Smith recipes with his best friend Phil, and reading. Dan also plays the piano and the drums.

Like most boys/men play sports, Dan doesn’t at all. He is VERY anti-athletic and anti-social.

The Howell Fam and Friends

Normally when you hear the name Dan Howell it is followed by Phil Lester. This is because Dan and Phil have been friends since they went to university. Now they live in an apartment together in London. Dan and Phil are both YouTubers. They also have a radio show on BBC Radio 1 on Sundays.

Fun Facts

  • Shortly after Dan started university he had an existential crisis. He quit university and started doing YouTube videos.

  • He started a radio show in 2014 with Phil Lester.

  • Moved to London with Phil.

  • Soon after he started the radio show he got 1 million subscribers on his YouTube.

  • He watched YouTubers for nearly 3 years before he decided to make them himself.

  • Dan has fans all around the world including people from the UK to America to Sweden and even Australia.

  • The name of his first video is “HELLO INTERNET.”

Now that it is the end of the article you have probably learned a lot. You probably learned that smiling doesn’t always help. You have probably learned that with a best friend you can achieve a lot. You have learned a lot of facts about Dan’s awkward life. And you have learned about his friends and family. I recommend that you think about applying some of these things to your lives but you probably shouldn’t apply all of them.

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Dan Howell with long hair and a surfer necklace looking cool.