Give and you shall receive

Are your broke and stressed? You have bills to pay but no money?

Come into our team our program. We are doing a gifting program internationally via online processors.

How does it work?

You join the program by sending a gift of $1 to the person we assign for you. Then we add you to our list. We building teams of 7. So once you join us we help you build your 7x7x7.

And we give you a digital product to use and building your team easy and build subscribers even while you sleep.

We actually a community of like minded individuals helping each other to create sustainable income through gifting. We are not a company or bank. We are not an organisation but an online community of people helping people. We don't keep money in a central account but money rotate amongst members. We even make a lot of gifting in bitcoins. We buy our bitcoins via payza.

The gifting plan in a nutshell

You enter with $1 and 7 people gift you $1 each= $7

Then you go into level 2 with $2 and keep $5

In level 2, 49 people gift you $2 each = $98

You go into level 3 with $30 and keep $68

In level 3, 343 people will send you gifts of $30 each

These gifts will getup to $10k.

With this gifting you get gifted daily and make friends as we grow

Into the worldwide online community. We help each other to better our lives together. Team work makes a dream work.

So in our community nobody is left behind. We all earn according our

Levels. Its only $1 to get started and your life will never be the same again.

Join us today and start to enjoy life.

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