School in Dehradun

A Comprehensive Educational Centre

Residential School in Dehradun

Education system in India has witnessed a rapid change in recent years due to which the teaching system has developed lots of innovative way of learning and teaching. It is now following the concept of learning with fun approach that is student centred which goes beyond the classroom boundaries and text-books providing a broad comprehensive education. The school is said to be the second home for children as here they learn certain qualities and activities of life which helps in their development and to choose the correct path in life. This is the reason why choosing the right school is a very important decision in your child's life.

Shri Ram Centennial School, a Residential School in Dehradun, is an initiative of Shri Ram Group to provide world-class education and to become a comprehensive education centre. The school is said to be one of the finest schools in Dehradun for its excellence in the field of academics, cultural pursuits and sports activities. At Shri Ram Centennial School we provide students with the opportunities to build self-awareness, develop leadership skills and positively engage with their surroundings with a strong sense of responsibility.

The school's curriculum and teaching methodology have been designed by the experts keeping in mind the NCERT objectives and to engage the student actively. Our teachers are highly experienced and well versed in their subjects. They encourage the students to think creatively and acquire knowledge through innovative ways. The co-curricular activities, such as, discovery games, pottery, publications, photography and various other indoor and outdoor activities have contributed in making the school an excellent School in Dehradun.
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