My Spring Break

Ny'kerriyah Hubbard

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I went shopping with my grandma,brother & sister. We went to a store in unadilla where they sell levis ect. My grandma got her a peach looking color. The store is very high but they had nice clothing in there. I really liked their pants,shirts & hats.


Over the break my little sister had a birthday party she turned 4 years old. The theme of her party was minnie. We had hot dog , chips, juices, cupcakes & cookies. My mother had minnie to come to her party they dances to her favorite song '"bet you can't do it like me". She really enjoyed herself with all her family and friends all the gifts she had was perfect she loved them.


After all i really just laid around all day . I mainly ate and watched law and order & lifetime movies. I love watching lifetime movies they are the best the ones with kidnapping ect. Also i looked after my sister while my mother worked. It really wasn't anything to do over the break so i just spent mine like this.