Someone Named Eva

By: Joan M. Wolf


Milada is a eleven year old girl who was taken away from her family. Her beloved Babicka (Grandmother) told her to "Remember who you are, Milada. Remember where you where you are from. Always." Babicka gave Milada a star shaped pin to help her remember who she is. When Milada goes to the concentration camp she learns how to become a "Perfect German Citizen"

Everyday Milada secretly pins on her Babicka's pin to her shirt and goes to class. After being in the concentration camp for 2 years, she is able to leave, with her new name Eva. Milada gets adopted by a German family. Will she remember who she is? Will she ever see her family again? Find out more by reading Someone Named Eva.

Real Facts from the book

One real fact is that Jews had to wear a six pointed star. Another fact is if a German mother had three children they would get a bronze medal. If you had four children you would get a silver medal, and six children is a gold medal. Also the Nazis separated the man and woman apart, they killed all the man and sent the women to a concentration camp.

People who would enjoy this book

I think if you like what happened in history you would like this book.

My rating for this book is a 3.5