The Gray Fox

By: Max


Biodiversity is important because it helps the ecosystem productivity so that all the species have a role in the environment.

I chose the gray fox because I think that it's a pretty cool animal and it's important and needed in Iowa because it need to control some species that may become invasive and overpopulated so it controls those species.

Population control

The gray fox controls populations by eating them. Gray foxes eat small animals like rabbits, mice, wood rats, cotton rats, and birds as well as some plants. The gray fox is an omnivore so they eat plants and animals. So if the gray fox is extinct then these plants and animals will grow out of control.

Predator control

The biggest threat to the gray fox population is humans. Humans are the biggest threat because we often mistake them for the red fox. The red fox has very little differences from the gray fox so they get them easily confused while hunting. Another predator is the bobcat and eastern coyote. A couple ways we can help save them is put the gray fox is protected habitats and put them on the endangered list.