Saving Honey Bees

Save a bee, go pesticide free!!

The Honey Bees Need Our Help

The problem is called Colony Collapse Disorder. The main cause of this problem is believed to be people putting pesticides on their plants, honey bees pollinate those plants and go back to the hive. The honey bees feed the nectar with the pesticides to their babies who then die. Sometimes the bees that eat the nectar get sick.

I am bringing more honey bees back into the area by making a beehive with different levels, out of wood, painted it, put a piece of wax in the middle to make a mold for the bees to put the honey and wax on. I will put the hive in my friend Scott's backyard. We will fill the hive with bees that we ordered from California. This is so important and will make a difference because the habitat we create will give the honey bees a safe home surrounded by pesticide-free plants in Scott's yard. My project will make sure a small group of bees will survive and help to fertilize plants. One third of the food we eat needs to be fertilized by bees. You can help by not spraying your plants with pesticides and planting flowers to attract more honey bees!! This will help save the honey bee, so they can continue to pollinate most of the fruits and vegetables we eat and flowers we enjoy!!

Thank You!! Rita 5S!!