Cultural Patterns and Processes

My Claim

Humans move, cooperate and conflict with others over beliefs, power and ideas

My role in the game

In the game we played I was in the role of the Army and Wealthy. Our goal as to gain power and wealth while achieving allies against the US. Throughout the game we had the most money and we were able to gain more and make treaties with other groups as we worked toward our goal. For most of the game we were against conflict and we were very cooperative with other groups. We made treaties that ensured our victory. Before the election we learned of a secret treaty the geurillas made against us with the United States. At this point we had to take military action and we ended in a draw, this is where the conflict started. After this right before the election we had information that a key treaty we had to ensure our victory was going to be broken but we didn't know how so we silenced government officials and kidnapped their candidate. Then came the election, we were betrayed and we attempted a military takeover to save the election but the United States decided to step in and took over. They took our power and gave all the wealth to peasants and governments leaving them without an Army.
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Looking at the outcome of the game the future looks grim. I think the US will try to setup a government that will work for them and US however the provided government will be too reliant on the United States and be a mess and groups will start to resent US involvement putting pressure on them to leave. When they finally do the government wont have anyone to lean on and it will fail and return to exactly how it was before or worse. This is because the original problems were not given the opportunity to be resolved within the people. They were just blocked. Essentially when the United States leaves, Guatemala will fall again. The US involvement simply threw the problems to the side. This comes back to my group because we have the money and the means to setup a government that works for the entire country. We are going to have to step in the shoes of the failed government and work from the ground up. We will eventually become the leaders of Guatemala with support of the people, we will work with them, we will do what is necessary. We will make Guatemala great again


The game experience supports my claim because it proves why we do what we do. In this simulation power was the main drive for cooperation and conflict. We cooperated when we made treaties, worked together against someone, and resisted fighting. Conflict was when we didn't agree on treaties, kidnapping or killing, when we fought over treaties and when there was takeovers. All these things were because everyone wanted power or believed one thing and either someone shared the belief or did not. This proves my claim by showing the reasons people do what they do.
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Real World

The current ISIS situation shows this very well. They have ideas and beliefs we don't share and we are fighting them over this. They are fighting for power and control. Further showing supporting my claim. This connects directly to my experience in the game and how the game played out. In the simulation there were social groups who each had their own agendas to accomplish, this is the same with ISIS. Each social group that is effected wants something out of this, some agree and some dont. We are fighting the ones we do not agree with as my group The army and wealthy did in the simulation.


ISIS is the main social group in this situation. They hate the Western way of life and therefore have started the fight against us. They believe they should be in control of Iraq and Syria hence the name Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. They want to spread their view of Islam which is their belief. They have chose violence to do this which is why they are known as a terrorist organization

United States and Allies

The United States and allies are strongly against ISIS because they are using violent and brutal ways to show a belief. This also connects to The War on Terror, we are fighting radical terrorism whether it be Islamic or any other. We are against anyone that uses violence and fear to get what they want. ISIS is targeting specific religions, and people which is something we have fought against for a long time. We are supporting our middle eastern allies and defending peoples rights and lives.


Refugees from Syria And Iraq are fleeing for their lives. They see ISIS as horrible people because they have murdered their families and destroyed their homes. They want ISIS to be eradicated and they want to flee to our countries in the mean time for safety.

World Population

Most of the world population is in support of the fight against ISIS. The general population fears ISIS due to their gruesome propaganda, videos, and attacks throughout Europe and the Middle East. People near attacks such as the Paris shootings are especially against ISIS, they've seen first hand the horrendousness of their organization.

Enduring Understanding

Unit 2 connects to my life because it explains why there is conflict and cooperation in my life. My claim connects to my life because it covers the reasons why I work with people or conflict. For example when I talk with someone about politics and we disagree on issues like gun control or immigration it proves my claim of conflict can be caused by beliefs which politics are. Or in a game when we have to choose a captain and we all agree on a captain that is cooperation because of power, we all agree to give power to someone.

My Social Groups

I am in many social groups that vary from being very broad to specific. A few are I am an American, Republican, Freshman, and in ROTC. Power changes in these groups happen all the time, but the one that is most prominent for me is in ROTC where people are promoted and demoted all the time. People are promoted to higher ranks when they do what they are suppose to and demoted to lower ranks when they aren't. I think there will be demotions in the near future in my ROTC group because people are acting up or not enforcing rules correctly so they will be replaced and demoted. This is a power shift because when you are demoted you go down in rank and the higher you are in rank the more power you have.

Future Conflict

I think there will be conflict within my social group of Republicans because of the controversial candidates. The conflict will be about who should be the final nominee because one candidate has come in and shaken things up and the traditional Republicans do not like that so there is a divide within the social group on should they nominate the popular one or a "traditional" one.

6 word story

Power is not possible without disagreement