Jewel Bundren


Jewel doesn't know that his father is the minister.

Jewel has always been the closest with his mother. He was closer with her because his mother loved him more. He was the product of a love affair between a minister and a townswoman. He didn't know that his father is actually the minister, but Darl does. Darl is the only one who knew besides Addie and the Minister.

Jewel is basically in denial about his mother's sickness.

Jewel doesn't realize the severity of Addie's sickness. He thinks that Addie will actually pull through, and this is because he is in denial about it; which is why he is the most devastated by her death.

Jewel gets mad at Cash for building Addie's coffin where she can see it.

When Jewel came home Cash was in the yard building Addie's coffin like she requested, which was not the problem. The problem was that Cash was building it right in front of Addie. This angered Jewel, it made him think that no one even cared about Addie or how she felt, but he didn't know that she didn't care or that it didn't upset her that Cash was doing this.

Jewel loves his horse.

Jewel loves his horse, but everyone else does pretty much everything in their power to take it from him. His father tried to barter it. He tries to do everything to provide for this horse, but in the end he trade it for mules.

Jewel was a hero.

Darl burned down the barn that had Addie's coffin and a bunch of animals in it. Jewel saved the animals and Addie's coffin. Jewel was very upset; he really has lived a very rough life.


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