Meg Murry Collage

This collage shows how she changes over time

This is Meg Murry's physical description

Meg Murry is a 12 year old who everybody hates. This causes her to be less confident of herself throughout her journey to save her father. She even said herself "Be glad your a kitten and not a monster like me" (L'engle 7). I infer that she said this to her cat because she looks hideous. That is why my symbol is a monster.

Meg Murry personality

Meg is as stubborn as a mule. This helps her throughout her journey because she uses this trait to resist It and didn't end up an IT. If she didn't have this trait, then she, calvin, and her father would have become an IT and the mission would have failed. When Ms. Whatsit helps her by giving Meg her faults, Meg thinks to what her faults are and how they could help her. She thought, "What were here [my] greatest faults? ... stubbornness ..."" (L'engle 153)

Meg Murry's relations

The main conflict in the story is Meg vs. IT. IT is a giant brain that believes that everybody should be exactly alike. This is the reason Meg hates IT. Had IT not interfered, Meg would've easily saved her father from the clutches of Camazotz. The story would not have antagonist. IT likes to torment people. It even says in the book, "IT sometimes calls ITself the happiest sadist." (L'engle 135)
Meg has an internal conflict because she hates herself. She hates herself simply for the reason that she doesn't fit in with the rest of her classmates, and they hate her for it. She clear;y states this when she mentions that she is a monster, "... and not a monster like me.) (L'engle 7) This fits in with the theme of the book, that conformity is bad. At first, Meg wants to be like everybody else, but on Camazotz, she realizes that conformity isn't good. You need to stand out and be yourself.