Cheap Kolkata Flights from London?

Why Choose Flightstoindia for Cheap Kolkata Flights from London?

Kolkata is truly referred to as the 'City of Joy' due to its easy going environment, laid back life style with special gatherings in ancient cafes and popular British architecture from the prolonged British rule and the famous "Zamindari" palaces that once jeweled the Ganges planes in the most bursting city of the West Bengal.

Cheap Flights to Kolkata from London from is the best pick chosen by budget tourists to explore this friendly city within a fixed budget and yet get the maximum traditional feel of the place.

Famous for its sweets and traditional saris, Kolkata is definitely a place to try out some amazing street side shopping at some great bargains. From a small hairpin to a glittering chandelier, the street markets of Kolkata have to offer everything that you have never dreamt off.

A to Z of the Street Side Extravaganza

Visit Kolkata with cheap flights to India from London airport to indulge yourself into the most breath taking street side shopping in the whole world.

Be it a trendy hand bag or a sleek shoe or a beautiful show peace, find even the minute piece of article and try your hands at the best bargains.

Mentioned below are names of famous street shopping places in Kolkata, West Bengal during your visit with Kolkata Tour Packages.

New Market

Considered as Kolkata’s oldest and most popular market situated in Lindsay Street opposite Chowringhee Road. New Market is also known as the Hogg’s Market and more than 2000 stalls and shops adorn the very popular and dazzling market. You may find all kinds of good here specially electronics and clothes with amazing bargains if you have the knack for it.

Dakshinapan Shopping Center

Another quite old market complex of Kolkata is known as Dakshinapan Shopping Center. Situated on Dhakuria’s Gariahat Road, this market truly promotes Indian art and handlooms Dolly's tea center is a must visit snack store for all the tea lovers of the world. Choose from an option of 20 different flavored teas at this small yet elegant tea boutique.

Chowringhee Road

Chowringhee road is the stretch between Park Street and New Market and is loaded with everything that u may image in your wildest dreams. Surf carefully through the very bizarre spread out of the many hawkers and street side stall owners and you may be lucky enough to find the perfect show peace for your house decoration at the best bargain. Intricate terracotta work is the item that you will find in numerous variety and quality. Therefore, it is advisable to judge before you make you purchase from street side shops.

Chandni Chawk

One of the oldest areas of Kolkata, Chandni Chawk market is the best for electronic goods. There is availability of both original and duplicate products to be sure to certify your products before buying then at low cost from the general market price.