Dystopian Story

By: Kiersten Watson and Tyffani Jordan

Dog Domination

It was the fall of 3020 and we were testing ways to communicate to animals through a chip in their brain. Dogs were the first test for this all and then it was cats. The cats didn’t like it very much, their brains wanted to reject it. It’s like the chip made them go crazy, in fact they tried to rip out their own brains through their ears. But it worked with the dogs. Around the year 2030, people started complaining about how they wished we could speak with animals, or at least know what they are thinking. Then one person, Angelica Strat, spent almost 4 years trying to figure out the best way to communicate with animals. She spent hours and hours everyday testing tons of different things on animals to see if there was a way to hear their thoughts. After about three years Angelica was so close to giving up, until one day, she created a tiny chip that she tried to test on a dog first. The chip was placed in the dog’s brain, with no harm done to the dog. Within a matter of 30 minutes, she was able to hear the dogs thoughts. With much excitement, she gathered more dogs and tested them. She was able to hear every dog's thoughts. This was a big step for her as she devoted everyday to figuring out a way to communicate with animals. Of course, the animals thoughts were mostly “I want food” or “What can I chew on next.” Besides one dog in particular. Fido. Fido’s thoughts consisted of trying to find a human to love. It was weird for Angelica, she almost felt bad for him. Angelica then decided she was going to keep Fido as her dog. They were inseparable. Fido’s thoughts were always about how he never wanted to lose Angelica or how he never wanted to make her mad. After Angelica realized how powerful and beneficial the chip was, she informed the president about it. The president didn’t believe it, until Angelica showed him Fido. He was astonished, and the next day he made it a law that every dog had to be chipped. Every dog was taken into the Vet and chipped. It was crazy, everywhere that there was a dog, no one had to wonder what the dog was thinking. After a while, the police went by every house and made sure their dog was chipped. It was not an optional case, every dog that wasn’t chipped was taken away and chipped. After a while, people started getting tired of hearing their dogs thoughts. Most people demanded the chip removed, but they couldn’t by law. The dogs became offended. They then started turning against their owners. Nobody knew why, but the dogs started turning one by one. The people demanded Angelica fixes it. Angelica didn’t think anything was wrong, she was defending the dogs who were trying to destroy their owners. Even her own dog, Fido, was turning against her, but she still kept loving him. Nothing would change her mind. Nothing would make her think that creating a chip would ruin the world. Little by little, the dog’s started taking over the world all because of technology.


This is a technological control dystopian story the chips in the dogs brains. Which caused the citizens to have a fear of the outside world.