Where's The Movement At?

India's Independence Party!

India's Independence Party!

Hello! You are invited to a once in a life time opportunity to come and celebrate with India for gaining their independence! All of India is going to be there and we want you to come and join us. Come and celebrate with us, we don't want you to ask where the movement is at because there would be none without you.

Why Bother Coming?

Please do come and celebrate this wonderful event with us. India gained its well deserved independence and we don't want you to miss the fun. We have been working up to this goal and do hope you show up. We just gained our Independence on August 15, 1947 and we really hope you come to the party. Just keep in mind this is a once in a lifetime experience and we wouldn't want you to miss it.

India's Independence Party!

Friday, Aug. 22nd 1947 at 3pm

India Gate, New Delhi, Delhi, India

New Delhi, DL

Welcome to India's Independence Party! The party starts is on August 22, 1947 at 3:00 pm. We will celebrate this wonderful event in the heart of India, New Delhi! The party has no ending date because you can't put a whole country from partying their hearts out. Come and enjoy the fun with us!

Party Agenda

3:00 pm- Come and find seating for you to relax and eat our delicious food.

5:00 pm- Listen to speech Gandhi has made to thank us all in our "fight" for independence

5:30 pm- Enjoy the dance floor or eat. You can even do both!

6:45- Watch the fireworks display and be amazed

6:45 to whenever- Party Time! Enjoy the rest of the night dancing, singing, eating, and enjoying the freedom we gained.