Different Flyers From Different Aspects.


Beliefs In Catholic People are that Adam and Eve were the first people to be created by God, and that his son was Jesus who healed people.Jewish people believe that there is only one God just like the Catholic's believe, they also believe in the ten commandments.

Myths and other Strange Stories

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Myth's and Strange Stories are in Catholic people they say that they have had contact with god.The sam with Jewish people as they have stated they have had contact with God.

Sacred Texts.

Jewish people have sacred texts such as Zohar,meaning the mythical branch.

Catholic's sacred texts are the bible such as the Old and New testament.

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Rituals in the Jewish Church Are the sam of the Catholic church,such as baptising.
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Symbols in the Catholic and Jewish church include The cross and holy water.
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Ethics in Catholic and Jewish religion are the way of life.
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Code of Behaviour

Code of Behaviour in Catholic and Jewish Churches are the same because you cant be stupid in church.
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Religious Experiences

Religious Experiences include people including who have said they have had experiences with god. And the same for Jewish.
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