Why it's better than capitalism

Reason #1- Unemployment

  • Unemployment rates drastically drop
-When every member is able to contribute to the workforce, naturally unemployment rates go down. As the government/state is deciding on people working, everyone gets a chance to work so unemployment rates are extremely low.

Reason #2- Free health care

  • Everyone can receive free health care.
- As the government/state is deciding on what happens, they decided that health care would be free so everyone gets the medical treatment that they need- in capitalism, you have to pay for your healthcare meaning if you don't have insurance you don't get the medical attention that you need.

Reason #3- Education

  • Education is easily acceptable

-In a capitalist society, it is typically only the very wealthy who have access to high level secondary education. When there is communism, there are no barriers to education meaning anyone can have education and not based on their income.

Reason #4

  • When there is capitalism, private businesses own their own things meaning no one can set order to the chaos. There is a lot of political inequality, so there are extremely high unemployment rates along with homeless people.

History of Communism

Communism was founded by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in 1844 towards the end of the 19th century. It began in different countries, but was eventually widely used by Russia. It was widely liked because of the free healthcare, unemployment rates, and the ability for everyone to get free education.

More History

  • It became the dominant political philosophy of many countries across Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa and South America. In the late 19th century, communism philosophy began to develop in Russia.
  • Many countries have begun using this method over capitalism, however the United States has stuck to capitalism and they have some of the highest unemployment rates.