Ronald Reagan

By William Pegg, Ryan Smith, Caden Driskill

Reagan is shot in the chest by John Warnock Hinckl: 03/30/1981

After giving a speech, Reagan was shot in the chest by a bullet that richocheted off his limousine. Not only was he severely wounded, but so were several of the staff assigned to protect him. Quick actions by Agent Parr would save Reagan's life despite the fact that the bullet missed his heart by a mere inch. However, the president made a speedy recovery and uktimely dismissed any further selcualrionmthst his older age would effect his ability to lead and govern the United States. Due to his courageous attitude about the whole thing, he was even more endeared now to the people who saw him as a symbol of what it meant to be fearless and overall an American. This event also encouraged him to pass the Brady Bill which requires a limit on handgun purchase and background checks on possible buyers.

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Reagan lifts a grain embargo imposed on Soviet Union by President Carter: April 24, 1981

Previously, Preident Carter had halted wheat sales to the Soviet Union in response to the invasion of Afghanistan. By doing so, he had hoped to make them feel their own vulnerability to US food power. However, when Reagan lifted it , the impact was quite enormous since the Soviet Union was now able to feed its people without fear of completely running out. This show of "kindness" began to slowly show that we were beginning to work out our differences with the Russians rather than trying to constantly destroy them. This show of neutrality would help calm the tension of the rest of the world as the threat of nuclear war would now be slightly lessened rather than constantly walking a fine line between possible world expulsion/death.
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Bombing of Lebanon Barracks: October 23, 1983

In hopes of easing tension in war torn Lebanon, Reagan sent in troops hoping to settle the peace while proving positive movement towards interests of the United States. Upon being attack by a terrorist organization, U.S. troops began to attack Lebanese positions and take up sides on either faction of the Civil war. In order to end this vicious cycle, Reagan removed all troops from the area in a short period of time and removed all of ships that were offshore. This event would lead to the administration having a different outlook on his to deal with any sort of affair that involved the Middle East, and would uktimely cause the organization to completely sithdraw from all foreign affairs in the area.
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President Reagan signs the Social Security Reform Bill into law: April 20, 1983

This act was meant to better the already existing Social Security system in order to make it more efficient and helpful for the people it was meant to help, the elderly. Reagan specifically wanted to ensure that the people who once were instrumental in the development of our country were in good hands as they reached advanced age and lack of skills required to perform most basic jobs readily available in society. By removing the fraud that muddied the waters of the system and creating a more efficient way to operate, the hope as that older citizens could sleep peacefully at night, knowing they were in good financial and social standing. This act greatly impacted the people of America, by helping those who don't have much at an older age still feel as if they can function like a normal person with a normal life.
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Reagan and Soviet premier Mikhail Gorbachev hold a summit meeting in Geneva, Switzerland: 11/19/1985

This is the first meeting between delegates of these two contrite since 1979, and is. Result of the tension easing policies and decisions that have been made throughout Reagan's presidency. The main topic of the meeting was of course relations between the two countries and how they planned tofully coexist in the future despite years of turmoil and competetion in a variety of fields ranging from technology to economics. This meeting allowed the of both countries to begin to feel peace as they now could see the light at the end of the tunnel of peace. On the global stage, it represented success of cooperation between two otherwise completely different nations and offered a look at what success could be acquired through simply talking out the issue rather than threatening each other with declarations of nuclear war.
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Life of Ronald Reagan

Born: February 6, 1911

Terms Served: 1981-1985, 1985-1989

Professions: Sports Announcer, actor, president

Hobbies: Swimming, life guarding, sports, acting, helping others

Age: 93

Death: June 5, 2004