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February 2016

February's TTYL is dedicated to helping teachers navigate the Google Apps for Education (GAFE) products. Some quick tips, videos and links have been included in regards to products such as Google Forms, Google Drive and Google Classroom. The Google Apps for Education products can truly help teachers transform their lessons by allowing students to become creators and collaborators.

Google Forms

Google forms allows you to quickly create a survey or form that can be sent to students to fill out online. All answers are immediately collected in a Google Sheet. Here are some ideas on how to use Google Forms in the classroom...

1. Create a Google Form as a pre-assessment at the beginning of a unit or topic. Give the assessment again at the end to measure student learning.

2. Use a Google Form as a student interest survey. Then tie your students' interests into your daily lesson plans.

3. Encourage students to read more by setting up a form that allows them to track their daily reading minutes.

4. Create quizzes using Google Forms and then have them automatically graded by using a Google Add-On called Flubaroo.

The short five minute video below will walk you through the steps of creating a Google Form.

"Creating a Google Form" by Tony Amsler

Creating a Google Form

Organizing Google Drive

Google has relocated two buttons in Google Drive that will allow you to organize your documents as well as locate documents more efficiently. Watch the two minute video below to learn how to use the "Add to Drive" and "Move To" buttons.

"These Two Buttons In Google Drive Will Help Keep You Organized" by The Gooru

These Two Buttons in Google Drive Will Help Keep You Organized

18 Hours of FREE Google Training Videos

If you would like to learn more about the many different features found in the Google Apps for Education Suite, check out Eric Curts' Webinars. Every other week (or so) Eric hosts a free ed-tech webinar. You can watch the webinar live and interact with the host and participants or you can watch a recorded version of the webinar at your convenience.

Eric's website, Control Alt Achieve, contains a wealth of information related to all aspects of Google Apps for Education. Click on the link above to access the home page, then click on the webinars tab to see all the upcoming and previously recorded sessions.

Click the title above to see the Infographic directly on the Elearning website.

If you are ready to try out Google Classroom, or just want to know a little more about it, and you teach grades 3-12, don't hesitate to send an email to Kelli Marsh.

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