ESC11 - Project Based Learning

Embedding Assessment Throughout the Project (Keys to PBL Series Part 5)
Grading & Assessment Dos & Don'ts
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Completing the Assessment Map

1. Start on the left with the culminating product. This is the final product the learners will produce.

2. Next, move to the middle column, these are your supporting assessments. You should have a supporting assessment for each of your Learning Goals from page 5 of the handout. These could be traditional assessments, products, mind maps; anything that you can use during the project to determine when the student meets the goal. These are key to valid and authentic assessment in that they show you when the learner meets the learning goals.

For Future Ready learners, at least one product in level 1 or 2 should be a digital product on the Modification or Redefinition level of SAM-R.

3. Finally, look at the formative assessments on the right. These may or may not be graded depending on your district policies. The purpose of these formative assessments is to inform your instruction, to help you know who "gets it" and who needs more help in specific areas. You want to have multiple formative assessments throughout the project.

Screencast Explaining how to Complete your Assessment Map

Formative Assessment

A quick Google, tells us that assessment is "the evaluation or estimation of the nature, quality, or ability of someone or something."

In classrooms today, and especially in PBL classrooms, there are two main purposes of assessment: summative and formative.

Summative assessment is designed to evaluate achievement. In PBL, the summative assessment is at the end of the project. Commonly, the summative assessment in PBL involved use of a rubric to evaluate the culminating product. Occasionally traditional tests might be used in conjunction with the product evaluation.

Formative assessment is intended to provide feedback to help the teach plan instruction or help the learners improve their learning. Formative assessment is key in PBL. It is what drives the exploration. It is part of the reflection and revision that are hallmarks of PBL.

Ideas for formative assessment in PBL