Natural Selection


What is Natural Selection?

process where organisms better adapted to their environment tend to survive and produce more offspring

Natural Selection in Sharks

Sharks are an example of natural selection because their skin color is a type of camouflage called counter shading, Great white sharks are dark grey on top and white on the bottom.

Why are sharks an example of natural selection, and why were they selected?

Sharks is an example of natural selection because they are difficult to see and they blend in with the bottom of the sea, which makes it more hard for them to be noticed. They are also an example of natural selection because the Great White Shark are highly hunted. It is also believed they have small vision. They were selected for natural selection because great white sharks have endothermic temperature. Which means the can absorb heat.

Who or what determines who is selected?

The environment determines who is selected.

What might cause a shark to be selected "out?"

For a great white shark to be selected out the sea water would need to be polluted, which would cause them not to be camouflaged.