Amerman Kids' Club

October 2015

Meet the Staff

Head Teacher

"My name is Jeanne St. Onge and I have been working at Amerman Kids' Club since 2008! This is my 6th year as Head Teacher. I have been taking classes at Eastern Michigan University, part time, for the past few years. I thoroughly enjoy working at kids' Club and I know this is going to be another successful year!"

Lead Assistant

"My name is Kylie Ely and I have been working at Amerman Kids' Club since 2012. This will be my 3rd year as Lead Assistant. I am currently working toward getting my Real Estate License. I hope to pursue a career in that field sometime in the near future. I am really looking forward to another awesome year at Amerman!"


"My name is Carol Al-lami and I am new to the Amerman Kids' Club team this year. I am a retired social worker from the state of Michigan. I moved to Northville from Detroit just a few years after retiring. I am very much looking forward to working with Kids' Club as my new career!"

"My name is Tamiya Trust and I am also new to the Amerman Kids' Club team. I graduated from Cass Tech in 2012. I am currently taking classes at Schoolcraft College pursuing a degree in Special Education. I hope to transfer to U of M Dearborn next year to continue my education. I am really enjoying getting to know all the children and families at Amerman Kids' Club and I look forward to a great year together!"

Important Key Fob Reminders

  • Please be sure to only use your key fob for Kids' Club purposes. (Adults who are using their key fobs during days/times in which their children are not attending Kids' Club risk losing their key fob privileges.)
  • Need an additional key fob or lost the one you had? Please let Jeanne know immediately. We have forms for both replacing lost key fobs or obtaining an additional key fob in the classroom.
  • Only let yourself into the building. Each parent in Kids' Club needs to scan their own key fob to enter the building.
  • Please let a staff member know if you have any concerns about building access/security. We are doing our best to monitor who is entering the building while our program is running.
  • Did you know there is a key fob access point at the front doors? Feel free to park and use the front doors when dropping off or picking up.

Kids' Club Tracking System

Did you know that there is a tracking system located inside the classroom that helps monitor where each child is at Kids' Club?

Here are some important reminders about our tracking system:

  • We ask that each child move their clip, upon arrival, to the ribbon that corresponds to the area in which they will be playing, ie. gym, classroom, outside, etc.
  • We also ask that all children move their clip back to their grade level BEFORE going home in the afternoons.
  • Parents, we would appreciate your help in reminding your child(ren) to move their clip before leaving from Kids' Club each day.
  • If you ever arrive at Kids' Club to pick up your child in the afternoon and you are unsure of where they are, the Tracking System is the place the check! The clips will tell you where each child in Kids' Club is located!
  • Some of you may have heard of the term "Clip Jail" from your children. "Clip Jail" just means your child forgot to move their clip in the morning or afternoon. Forgotten clips are removed from the ribbons at the end of the morning/afternoon and put in a special container called "Clip Jail".
  • When a child realizes their clip is in "Clip Jail", they are responsible for rescuing their clip by performing a small task.
  • Sample tasks include hugs, high-five's, jumping jacks, push-ups, reading, and more! Once a child has completed the given task, they are allowed to retrieve their clip from "clip jail" and put it where it belongs.

Child's Change in Schedule

  • Thank you SO much to those parents who have consistently communicated, via notes or emails, when your child(ren) are not coming to Kids' Club for an afternoon they are scheduled to attend.
  • Please continue to send a note to school or send an email, no later than 3:00pm, to let the school know if your children will not be attending Kids' Club on an afternoon they are scheduled to attend.

September Art Project

Every month a new art project is introduced at Kids' Club. Last month we began working on painting leaves with watercolor paint. These unique and beautiful leaves will be put on display in the classroom for all to enjoy. We will send the leaves home with your children next month. Be sure to stop inside the classroom soon to check them out!

Homework Courtyard

In case you haven't heard, our 3rd-5th graders have a special opportunity at Kids' Club. They are able to work on their homework outside in the courtyard during Kids' Club! This space is strictly for homework or free writing to help encourage the children to choose to work on their homework at Kids' Club. Feel free to let your children know if you want them to work on their homework at Kids' Club. We do our best to encourage them, but ultimately it is their choice.

Half-Days of School

There will be three half-days of school in November.

-November 12th
-November 13rd
-November 25th

A few notes about Half-Days:

  • These days are special days and all children will need to sign up to attend Kids' Club for these days. (They are not included in your normal Kids' Club schedule)
  • An email will go out with a copy of the Extra Care form as soon as it becomes available.
  • More information will follow mid October about what activities we will provide on these special days.
  • Please let us know if you have any questions about Extra Care at Kids' Club.