Fifth Grade Flyer


Welcome to the second quarter. This school year is going by so quickly. We want to thank all of the parents who have attended or signed up for a conference to discuss your child's progress.

Next week is American Education Week. 5th grade visitation day is on Monday. Please feel free to stop by and see your son or daughter hard at work! There will be a free healthy cooking demonstration from 10am-11am for any parents interested in attending.

Congratulations to our TERRIFIC KIDS for the month of October - DJ Randolph and Mia Smith. Way to go!!

Hear about Health

We just began the second health unit, Substance Use and Abuse. This unit focuses on the identifying different legal and illegal substances, the use, misuse, and abuse of legal and illegal substances, and the influence of external factors, such as peer pressure and the media, on a person’s decisions related to these substances. While this unit deals with some more mature topics, they are taught in a manner appropriate for fifth grade.

Math Matters

We are just about finished our multiplication unit and will be heading into division next week. Both multiplication and division require knowledge and memorization of the "basic facts". Many students are struggling with the basic facts, especially the 7s, 8s, and 9s. In order to help with the facts, each student has an account on The site is free (downside to that = ads) and each student has their own personal log in taped into their planner. Please encourage your son or daughter to practice these basic facts on a daily basis,

Reading Report

In ELA, are continuing to read the novel, Out of my Mind, as well as other realistic fiction texts. Students worked on an essay comparing two characters from their novel and wrote a newspaper article about events that took place in a story. As we wrap up unit 1, we will revisit reading skills such as summarizing, comparing characters, plot, and theme. Students are currently writing a creative fictional narrative that includes a main character who goes through a personal transformation. We will work through the writing process of organizing, drafting, revising and editing, and publishing.

Science Center

We have been enjoying learning about the layers of the earth and the rocks and minerals found in the earth's crust and mantle. We have discussed the tests scientists conduct in order to identify the type of mineral they found and have also learned about the three types of rocks and how they are formed. In addition to studying fossils, we will continue our Geology Rocks unit by discussing weather, erosion, and deposition.

Upcoming Events

  • November 12 - Report Card Distribution
  • November 13 - Conference Day - Schools CLOSED for Students
  • November 16 - 20 American Education Week
  • November 26 - 27 - Thanksgiving Holiday - Schools CLOSED