Titanic "The Unsinkable"

By: Jackie White


  • Elsie Doling was born on Monday October 30th, 1893.
  • She was at the age of eighteen when on the Titanic.
  • She was traveling with Mrs. Ada Elizabeth Doling her sister in law. She survived as well.

Titanic Ship

  • The ship was 822 feet long and had the height of an eleven-story building, and builtin a divided number of water compartments it can float with four of them flooded .so it makes it unsinkable.
  • The keel and the side of the boat had taken a hit from an iceberg. The hit had caused flooding in four compartment which speed quickly to make the boat sink it took about three hours to sink.
  • Themany passengers on the ship didn't get saved less than half got on life boat mostly women and children, the rest of the children were to hang on in the water but most did not make it. Do to the freezing cold water and not being able to swim and not have a life jacket. Those who stayed alive got saved by the Carpathia.

life after the titanic

Elsie Doling lived in England were she found her husband an Indian doctor William St. hban Herdrics they had four children named John (born 1923),

Gerald (born 1925), Clara (born 1927) Elizabeth Mary (born 1923).

Elsie Doling died March 3, 1972.