How Not To Get Hacked!

By: Katilyn B

What Does It Mean To Be Hacked?

When you get hacked, it means that someone has gained access to your data within your device without your permission.

Simple ways on how not to get hacked

1. Always use your technology appropriately and be responsible

2. Don't click on links you don't know or ads

3. Don't download suspicious things

Tips on how to be proactive on the internet!

- Join discussions online

- Thank the person if they replied to you

- If someone messages you, reply to them

What not to do online!

- Don't ever use too much punctuation, it's annoying and distracting

- Don't be rude to people

- Don't correct people through their post, it's very rude

As a digital citizen, you have rights and responsibilities!


- Freedom and Privacy

- You can keep your identity hidden

- Give yourself credit to your own work


- Don't download music, games, videos, movies, or TV shows illegally

- Cite your work and give the credit to the publisher

- Never lie about who you really/don't lie about your name

- Always report cyber bullying

How do I stop myself from being hacked?...

Here's three different ways to stop yourself from being hacked. One of them is to download security programs like Norton 360 or McAfee. The second one is what I shared with you earlier but don't click on suspicious links or downloads because they might have

malware attached. Malware allows the hacker into your computer where he can steal private stuff or interrupt your computer operations. Final way is to not fill out surveys that seem suspicious to you because that could be a hacker trying to phish you for your private information

Some cool facts about hacking!

The most expensive computer virus of all time is called MyDoom and is worth 38.5 billion dollars!

Social media is a hackers favorite target and 600,000 FB accounts are hacked every day!

Digital Footprint

Digital footprint is data that you have left behind on a digital device.

How can I make my digital footprint positive and make it reflect me

You can your footprint positive by looking up cool stuff that you like and not bad stuff that the internet allows you to look up. If you're a hair stylist, look up the new and cool ways on how to do your hair or if you need a new nail color design, look up cool nail designs. Anything you look up on the internet will always reflect back onto you as a digital citizen. Make that reflect good and positive not negative! A negative way is like looking up on how to hack someone, which you should never do.

How can I educate my friends about Digital Citizenship?

There are so many different ways to educated others about what Digital Citizenship means and how you can be a positive one. You can try making a flyer using smore like I did but of course not copying it or make a piktochart. You can even just write out a document on Google/Microsoft Word or make a slideshow. It's so easy to educate your family and friends about Digital Citizenship and so many different ways. You should educate your friends so they know what it means to be a positive Digital Citizen and so they're not being irresponsible. Teach them about how to avoid being hacked so they're computer stays perfect.