A Virtual Field Trip to Japan

Better Engaging Students in Online Foreign Language Classes

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The Virtual Travel Map

By Tomoko Frayer, Georgia Virtual School Instructor

As opportunities for students to learn more online continue to grow, educators have the opportunity to create exciting lessons that engage our students. When learning a new language, that can be particularly true. Using Adobe Connect Synchronous Sessions for virtual cultural immersions, or "Virtual field Trips" can be a great way to do that. Below, I outline a project I do with my Japanese II students, called A Virtual Travel Map.

Situation: Your essay about Japan has won the first prize. The prize is a free trip to Japan next summer. The sponsor has asked you which three places you would like to visit. So, you are going to choose three places to visit according to your interests.


1: Download the map of Japan. (This is provided in my the Japanese II class page)

2: Start searching online for specific places you like to visit.

*Easy way to do it: Please see "Helpful Site." You can do your own online search to get information you need for this project.

There is a link to the web site Yokoso! Japan ( This is a government site from Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Japan. You can click Links at the top navigation bar of the Japanese II AB homepage and find the link, or go directly to http://www.mofa.go.jp .) Once you get to the site, click "Yokoso, Japan!' Go to Browse by Interests. Choose the category of your interest. Select top three places/spots in Japan you would like to visit.

3: Once you have selected three spots/places, for each spot/place you need to provide the information below.

  • name of the spot: (ex) Mt. Fuji; Odawara-castle ...
  • location ( what prefecture that place is located in Japan) (ex) Shizuoka; Kanagawa; Tokyo; Kumamoto ...
  • reason(s) you like to visit the spot/place
  • one image related to each spot

4: Now organize them around the map of Japan you just downloaded in #1 above. Show where those places are located in Japan. Your final project should be on one sheet of a regular size (8.5X11 inches). Make sure to include one image for each selected spot/place. Provide the sources of the images and information.

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