No Promises in the Wind

Losing hope

How the title of the book relates to the theme

I think the theme of this story is losing hope. Two boys run away from home looking for a job. They really dont like their family and with the depression it makes every thing worse. They both travel across the county looking for jobs and food they meet a lot of people. Almost all the people that they meet help them in some way.

Man Vs. Nature

Right when the two boys leave their home, they are all alone. They have no food, water or shelter. Most of the nights they my find a wild animal of dig in the trash to find their food for the day. People may also give them rides to the location they would like to go to, along with that they may also give them food. It also may be a little man Vs. man because they got attacked by some people because they had food.

There was some fighting but most of it was just trying to survive

How are Josh and his dad different

Josh like music while his dad thinks its wast of time. But with josh able to play music it gets them both money, if they did not get the money they would not be able to survive. His dad over reacts, while josh does not. I think it helps stuff get done in their house done. Also I think that it starts out the story, if he did not over react they would not have run away.