LIFT Weekly Update

All about the Student Ministry at First Baptist Covington.

Hey, everybody!

Just when you think you might finally get to have a normal week with the routine that you love, it's Ski Trip week! So, unfortunately that means that there is NO PRAYER BREAKFAST TOMORROW, AND NO LIFT THIS WEEK since most of us will be gone. We'll return strong next week with free dinner and a new series on Galatians, and hopefully a delightful Ski Trip video.

This Sunday Night I'll be teaching a special discipleship class geared toward parents of teenagers. The study is all about technology and how it affects the next generation. Not only will you learn about some of the ins-and-outs of common apps and programs, but you'll also learn about what these trends reflect about modern culture and how that affects the life of your teen. Check this Sunday's bulletin at church for details and a schedule!

While I'm teaching that class each Sunday Night, our students will be going on little field trips to different homes, eating their food, playing with their stuff, and having a devotional time before heading back!

Important Dates:

  • Ski Trip Feb. 18-21, 2014
  • Graduate Sunday May 18th
  • Student Life Mission Camp @ Myrtle Beach, June 16-20, 2014