Holidays Around the World

Mrs. Caldwell's & Ms. Beetsma's 6th Grade


Our 6th graders have been researching Winter holidays throughout the world, and are excited to present the information at our Holiday Fair. Each student will be writing a narrative from the point of view of a 6th grader from their selected country, as well as working with a partner on a visual display or digital presentation . The student partnerships will put together a "booth" to teach others about their selected country. The booth will consist of their narratives and presentations, as well as food, a craft, or a give-away. Students may also choose to bring in artifacts or make decorations.

Most of this work will be done at school. Your child may need to finish working on their narrative or presentation at home. Food will need to be prepared at home (see "Thanks in Advance" below). Please let us know if you have any questions. Our 6th graders have been very excited about this so far, so we hope to make it a fun learning experience.

You're Invited!

Parents/families are welcome to attend our fairs!

Mrs. Caldwell's Class: Monday, December 21 11:50 am- 12:50 pm

Ms. Beetsma's Class: Tuesday, December 22 11:30 am- 12:30 pm

Booths will be located in both Ms. Beetsma's and Mrs. Caldwell's classrooms (B105 & B106).

Thanks in Advance

Your child may ask you for your help with their booth, specifically making food. We would love for students to try foods from around the world and appreciate your help with this, but understand if you would prefer not to make food. There are other options for your child that can be completed here at school. We will provide plates, napkins, utensils etc. if your child is bringing in food. Thank you!!