The Apothecary

Report by: Jillian Kelly

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The author of the Apothracary:

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Characters/Character Traits

Janie: kind, smart, organized,good friend

Ben: protective,loyalty, sneaky

Pip: helpful,pickpocketer,sneaky,good friend,mischievous

The apothecary(bens dad): smart,mysterious,friendly,helpful

Jin Lou: chemist, very smart,funny


Takes place during a war zone. The Soviets are the bad side. All the settings are in UK or London.

Settings inside London or the UK:

  • The Island they go to to stop the Soviets
  • Janie's home, and the garden
  • The boat Anniken.


I say the main climax in this book is when Janie, Ben, Pip, and all the other people working against the Soviets have to stop the Soviets from testing a atomic bomb that could dominate in a war if it works correctly. They are going to the island where it is being tested even though they are putting their own lives in danger.


That if the soviets succeed in there bomb test then it will be almost impossible to beat them in war.


Well my book is in a series so it does not really have a full resolution. I think it would be that all of the people working against the Soviets(Janie, Ben, Pip, The Apothecary, Jin Lou, Count Vili, Etc. ) try to stop them but I can't tell you how or if they accomplished doing it. It would give the whole story away!


I give this book 5 out of 5 stars because I really enjoyed it and connected with the characters! I would recommend this book to anyone who likes reading books that take place during a war period and like magic!
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