Tigerette Times July 1st

We are so excited for camp!!


  • Summer Workout- We hope you are focused on your summer workout! Remember, you must be able to run 1 mile in under 10 minutes at the beginning of the school year.

  • Line Camp is coming up! Are you ready?! If you have not been stretching/doing summer work out, you will be sore!!!

  • Make sure to bring your Tigerettes Binder on July 19th!

  • Please continue summer communication through email. Ms. Auchey checks email once every few days, so please allow a few days grace period for all responses. During camp Ms. Auchey will be on her email frequently for any questions or concerns.

Upcoming Calendar Events

Please view the online calendar for a detailed list of all practices and performances.

This Month:

July 19 - Mandatory camp clothes pick up and camp procedures meeting. 5-6pm. Details below.

July 20-23 - Line Camp @ CPHS. Details below.

July 24 - Team Pool Party. 4-7pm. Details below.

Next Month:

August 1- August Tigerette Times sent

August 10-12 - Home Line Camp @ LMS (details on August TT)

Mandatory Clothes Pick Up Procedures - July 19th

Drop Off: 5:00 pm, LMS Dance Portable. Doors open at 4:45 pm - DO NOT BE LATE.

Pick Up: 6:00 pm, LMS Dance Portable

What to bring: Tigerettes Binder, SHARPIE TO LABEL YOUR CLOTHES, and a writing utensil

What to Expect: We will go over all procedures for camp, what to wear, how to do your hair, get all of your bodywear, and get excited for line camp! This is the beginning of a GREAT YEAR!

Line Camp Procedures - July 20, 21, 22, 23

Location: Cedar Park High School. Enter through the RIGHT of the school (Timberwolf Drive).

Drop Off: 8:15 am each day. Doors open at 8:00 am

Pick Up: 5:00 pm each day, EXCEPT Wednesday- pick up is at 6:00 pm. (Officers stay until 6:00 pm on Monday and Tuesday also)

What to bring: All items on Line Camp Procedures handout (given July 19th). DON'T FORGET A LUNCH AND WATER!!!

Team Pool Party- July 24

Our team pool party is a new tradition in which we unwind from line camp, continue to bond as a team, eat food, and you will learn who your spirit sister is!!! Although we highly encourage attendance, it is not mandatory if you have a family scheduled event. We hope you can all make it. Otherwise, your sister won't have the excitement of meeting you! We also invite all parents to join us!! Sister reveal is quite fun!

You will receive a permission slip at our procedures meeting, July 19th. It will be due on Wednesday, July 22.

Location: Vista Ridge neighborhood pool, Leander

Time: 4-7 pm. We will do the spirit sister reveal as soon as everyone arrives!

What to bring: towel, sunscreen, smiles!

Officer Camp

The officers attended a 3-day Officer Training Camp in mid-June. They took numerous technique classes, leadership trainings, and did an incredible job. The officers are very excited to bring back what they learned for you all! They are especially excited for line camp to reveal the company names, and for the pool party to find out spirit sisters!! Below are some of the photos from officer camp!

Fall Expenses (FYI- for advanced budgeting)

This portion of the email is intended to prevent any 'unexpected' expenses that tend to spring up once school starts. I personally like as much advanced notice as possible when money is going to be due.


  • Team Photos- We will take our team photos sometime in the fall during a morning practice. This is taken by Photo Texas and all girls can participate in the team photo for free. If you'd like an individual photo of your dancer, or a team photo of the team, please expect to pay at the time of the photo.
  • Car Decals - Once school starts your Tigerette will bring home an order form for personalized car decals!
  • Yard Signs- Once school starts your Tigerette will bring home an order form for a personalized yard sign!
  • Football Dinners- During football season, we offer optional team meals that will be provided prior to each football game. The estimated cost is $40 for the entire season (7 weeks). If your child chooses not to participate in the team meal option, your child is responsible for providing her own dinner each week of football season.


  • Spirit Sister Gifts- Each Tigerette is paired with another and they are 'Spirit Sisters' through the year. There are approximately 5 gifts given throughout the year (each gift not to exceed $15). The first gift will be due at our first team practice on Tuesday, August 25th. The first gift is a half-gallon Coleman or Igloo water jug. Color required is Blue!! Go Tigers!!! These jugs can be purchased at Family Dollar, The Dollar Tree, HEB, Walgreens, Walmart, Target or Academy for $5. I also saw them at Lowe's for $4.95. Tigerettes will decorate the water jug with their sisters' name and include Football Season 'survival' items inside. Tigerettes will get a detailed list of all Spirit Sister gifts and their due dates at Home Camp in August. These water jugs will be the required water bottle they bring to all of the football games! Click here to see a visual!