2015 Year in Review

Sports Marketing Project, Will Ryan, Period 4

The Three Companies that Marketed their Companies the Best.

Adidas: Adidas has always been overshadowed by NIke. Adidas has especially marketed their sneakers very well. All the big companies that make sneakers release their newest and hottest releases every Saturday. It is usually Nike dominating the attention and selling out their shoes, leaving Adidas, Reebok and other companies left out. In 2015 Adidas released new sneaker models which competed with NIke each and every Saturday, but it was one shoe that brought more recognition and popularity to the whole Adidas brand and that was the Yeezy. For the first time in many years a NIke sneaker is not the hottest shoe of the year.

Fanduel: Fantasy sports have become widely popular. Fanduel marketed their company extremely well by getting tons of exposure through running countless commercials during sports events. I can't remember watching a football or basketball game without seeing a Fanduel commercial. They present a new and fresh way to play fantasy football where you get a fresh start every week and get a chance at winning large sums of money. Fanduel has also gotten their own segments on ESPN where analysts discuss Fanduel strategies and lineups. Fanduel came into 2015 with little recognition and have left with every sports fan aware of their company.

Apple: Apple has continued their dominance in the phone industry in 2015. They introduced the Iphone 6, 6s, and 6+. Iphones continued to be mainstream. Apple does a great job always releasing new products that are better than the previous model. They also released the Apple Watch which brings a completely new experience for apple consumers.

The Two Best Products of 2015

Adidas Yeezy: When Kanye West signed a sneaker deal with Adidas, no one knew what to expect. The Adidas Yeezy had a simple but unique look. The shoe featured the famous Boost technology from Adidas making it a very comfortable shoe. Adidas would make a limited supply, so that the demand would always be more than the supply. This created a lot of hype for the shoe. Whenever a Yeezy Shoe Dropped, they would sell out within minutes and would resell on websites like eBay for up to one thousand dollars.

Apple Watch: The Apple watch offers a very unique experience for Apple consumers. It also has the features and more of an Iphone but all on your wrist. You can easily wear it while exercising and doing other vigorous activities.

The Two Worst Products of 2015

HoverBoard: I find the hoverboard to be a useless product that is over priced. The name is also very misleading, as it doesn't even hover.

Yeezy Clothing Line: While the Yeezy sneakers were the hottest sneakers of the year and recieved tons of hype and were very saught after, the Yeezy clothing line was a huge fail. The Yeezy clothing line consists of way overpriced merchandise. For example they charge $650 for a distressed white t-shirt.

The Top Two Movies of 2015

Star wars: No movies came close to Star wars. It made more money than any other movie and also sold tons of merchandise related to the movie. Star wars was marketed very well.

The Hateful Eight: The Hateful Eight was directed by Quentin Tarantino. Whenever Quenten Tarantino puts out a new movie, it is a given that it will sell tickets and draw people to see it. The Hateful Eight was no different and it delivered

The Top Two Music Artists of 2015

Drake: Drake continued to be the most well known and mainstream rapper out. He backs its up by continuing to release great albums and mixtapes.

Fetty Wap: Fetty Wap came out of no where in 2015. He released the song Trap Queen which was one of the biggest hits of the year. He then followed it up with various other popular songs of 2015. He should continue his success in 2016.

Top Five TV Shoes (http://time.com/4130167/top-10-tv-shows-2/)

1. Veep

2. Mad Men


4. Empire

5. The Leftovers

My New Years Resolutions

1: I would like to become more organized. This will consist of organizing myself at home and at school.

2: I want to always be there for my family and friends.

3: I want to have GPA up to a 3.6 by the end of the year.