Endangered Animals

Asiatic Black Bear

What was that? What was the lurking shadow? What is it? That lurking shadow is the Asiatic Black Bear. This species is considered endangered on the endangered list. Why is it endangered and how? Let's find out.


The Asiatic Black Bear is a magnificent animal. They have big, long claws and a really jet-black fur. But they are endangered because of their features. They are know as:Tibetan Black Bear, Himalayan Black Bear, Moon Bear, Selenarctos thibetanus gedrosianus, Baluchistan Bear. They get their name because of their features, what environment they are in, and what place they are in. The length of an adult Asiatic Black Bear is about 6 to 8 inches. They weigh between 110 to 330 lbs. Their ears are round (large and prominent). The female Asiatic Black Bear gives birth two cubs after mating (which occurs around October).

Food chain

The Asiatic Black Bear eats nuts, fruits, bugs, and leftover of what tigers ate. Judging by the food they eat, the Asiatic Black Bear is an omnivore, also a scavenger. But some are not scavengers, some Asiatic Black Bear eat domestic livestock. But Asiatic Black Bear build up fat by eating the leftover of what the tigers ate.


The Asiatic Black Bear have sharp claws and great muscle to swim because of the environment they are in. The Asiatic Black Bear can climb trees and mountains by using their sharp claws and swimming in the pond/lake. Swimming and climbing can help the Asiatic Black Bear because they can escape when predators or strange animal threaten them.


The Asiatic Black Bear prefers to live in forest habitat, in mountainous/hilly areas (with bushy covers), also temperate/tropical areas. In area like the Asiatic Black Bear can hide from enemies and use caves/bushes as their home. This can also be a safe place for young cubs, it covers them from humans and predators.

Reason for endangerment

The Asiatic Black Bear is endangered because humans killed them for their paw, skin, and gall bladder (used for oriental medicine). Unfortunately, human attacks are common. The reason why humans attack is because the Asiatic Black Bear eats the livestock and the crops. The Law is protecting the Asiatic Black Bear, but the protection the Law gives is limited.

Dancing PSY Gangnam style- Asiatic Black Bear

Dancing PSY Gangnam style - Asiatic black bear

Why not humans and bears friends?

Why can't we have peace and tranquility on earth. not harming the animals and the animals not hurting us. Wouldn't that be nice?