St. Vincent De Paul

By: josh sadtler and jake saylor

Early life

He was born 24 April 1581 and died 27 September 1660 he was born in Pouy in Gascony the province of the kingdom of France. In a voyage in 1605 by sea from Marseilles to Narbonne he fell into the of African pirates and was carried as a slave to Tunis his captivity lasted about two years until the divine providence enabled him to effect his escape. After a brief visit to Rome he returned to France where he became preceptor in the family of Emmanuel. In 1617 he began to preach missions and in 1625 he laid the foundations of a congregation which afterwards became the congregation of the mission or Lazarists. Charity was his only virtue. It extended to all classes of persons, from forgotten childhood to old age. His feast day is September 27th. He is the patron of best societies. He received his education at a college in Dax.
St. Vincent de Paul, A Person of the 17th Century, a Person for the 21st Century

Charity Work

In 1617, De Paul founded the Ladies of Charity from a group of women within his parish. He organized these wealthy women of Paris to collect funds for missionary projects, found hospitals, and gather relief funds for the victims of war and to free 1,200 slaves from North Africa. He was a pioneer in clerical training and was instrumental in establishing seminaries. Was a priest of the Catholic Church who dedicated himself to serving the poor? He is regarded as a saint in the Catholic Church and the Anglican Communion. He was canonized in 1737. St Vincent De Paul was renowned for his humility and generosity and is known as the "Great Apostle of Charity".

Help the Homeless

St Vincent De paul stared a lot of charities for the homeless people. St Vincent De Paul has helped over 543 families. St Vincent De Paul serves more than 14 million people in need each year. There are 1,000 St Vincent De Paul homeless shelters around the world. We celebrate St Vincent De Paul on September 27. St Vincent De Paul was an amazing person he helped the people in need.


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