American Air Suspension

Exclusive Car Spare Parts & Maintenance

Maintenance is the key of a vehicle that never give problems. If you give proper maintenance to your vehicle, this can give you the service for which it was designed for much longer and if it is cheaper the accounts service preventive corrective maintenance. American Air Suspension offer effective solutions to any problem related to the care and maintenance of your car. We are available to all qualified personnel dealer network and authorized workshops to provide the accurate maintenance and spare parts such as Car Suspension Kits required to continue operating your vehicle in top condition.

American Air Suspension is the best company owned by Eddie Spinks, offering the best service for your vehicle with the most competitive prices as workshops premium distributors of all kinds of domestic and imported car parts. Cleanliness, quality parts and appropriate tools are one of our standards. We have a wide range of high-quality spare parts as well as Coil Spring Airbags, BMW X5 Suspension, Air suspension replacement and Suspension air bag kits with an excellent price available for the general public from brands like BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Jaguar and all the brands.

Each service or repair of your vehicle will be reviewed to check that complies with the characteristics of quality service that have distinguished us for 30 years. Besides that we have a database with detailed each of the work done to unit record so that if for example you need to know which touches your vehicle, just call us at 1-866-211-7531 or log on to our website We save you time and money to make an accurate diagnosis.