By: Clara Markham

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if there was less noise and less traffic ? Well I have. Its called moving to the country. There is less noise and traffic, and more room for your kids to play around in the yard. You will actually have a yard. if you are tired of the city, The best thing to do is to move to the country. The best things about the country is there are lots of good things, and I will tell you them.
I think living in the country is better because if you live in the country, you have a lawn that your kids can play on, and you have more privacy. There is less noise and you can build your own home the way you want it, and not a house that is already built. But if you what a house that is already build you can.
If you live in the city, you have no lawn, no space, and know privacy, Also there is no space,in an apartment building to have a party, or have your kid's friends over for a sleepover. Also there is more people that live in the city than the country.
But say that the city is better because there are more stores and more schools around, and there is more lights at nite that look really pretty.
But the bad things that happen from all of that is that. If you live closer to stores you have a better chance of getting obese and if there is more schools it is harder to choose from. Last but not least. If there are more lights at night thay will keep you awake at night. Also if you live in the country you can lay outside under the stars. AND WHO NEEDS PRETTY LIGHTS WHEN YOU HAVE THE STARS AT NIGHT. And the only nice lights you have in the city are just little light builds on a wire. The stars are real and are prettier than any lightbulbs on a wire.
That's what I think about the country and to support what I was saying move out to the country and see what new things you can do and try to do some of the things I said that you can't do in the city but you can do in the country.
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