Jennifer Bardon

Ancient Egypt

Famous Pharaoh's

A Pharaoh you might see is Akhenaten, the pharaoh of the 18th dynasty, and was famous in history for religious revolution. Egyptian believed in many gods, but when Akhenaten came into power he introduced the worship of one god that is the Sun God Aten. He built many massive complexes in honor of the Sun God Aten. The style of art which flourished during this period was certainly different from the other Egyptian arts.

*Akhenaten's year was from 1379-1334 B.C.*

The Nile river

The Nile river flooded every year. The Nile river was used for many things. One was to bathe in the Nile river this is what commoners usually did. The most important thing that the Nile was used for was to water the crops, they would set the crops just right so when the Nile flooded the water would get just enough of the crops. The Nile is located by northern Africa and Egypt. The Nile river is the longest river in the world. It flows from the heart of Africa to the midterrenan sea. The Nile is around 6650 kilometers another way to put it is 4,132 miles.

Daily life of Ancient Egypt

The ancient Egyptians were full of energy and life. They worked hard and spent their spare times with their friends and family. They were fascinated to musical tunes, parties, fishing, hunting, sailing etc. They lived in the narrow fertile banks of the Nile River. Each year the banks of the River Nile was flooded tremendously, due to which the banks of the river became fertile.

The pyramids

The shape of the pyramid was because it was to represent the rays of light desending from the skies. The slaves were the main reason that the pyramids were there without the slaves the pyramids probably wouldn't be there.


Egypt is located around the northeastern part of Africa. Egypt had a very, very hot dry climate. The particular country only has two seasons in the year. The seasons are very hot summers and very mild (not so cold) winters. Summers usually last from May to October and the average temperature is 95 degrees Fahrenheit.